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Friday, January 7, 2011

Rude people

I had dinner with someone I didn't know so that I would have company for a mystery shop. I do that on occasion. I did mention some of my frustrations about dating. But then left them behind. After dinner we sat at the bar and I ended up talking a bit to a man who sat next to us. I teased him about about having had to move my designer purse for him to have a seat and that my purse felt like it deserved its own seat. It was amusing, but that is all. I know how a man behaves if he is interested, and he wasn't. He was fun to talk to just a little. Before you start judging, the bar visit was part of the shop. Then...

We went to watch someone from church play at a coffee house and when she was dropping me off, she used her GPS. It took us in a really wacky long route back. I was observing this and she said:
Girl: So, what? do you want to just walk to you car?
Savvy: No, I'm just observing that it does that and that I was surprised that it had us go this way. Did it have you go this way when you first got here?
Girl: Well, OK, so sometimes it takes me in some weird ways, but I always do what it says because I got lost a few times.
Savvy: Oh, I don't use one. I don't really trust them to make decisions for me.
Girl: So did you have fun. there were some guys there...
Savvy: I didn't go to meet guys and I've met all of those guys before.
Girl: Oh, I thought I was doing you a favor.
Savvy: Don't worry about it. Like I said, that's not why I went.
Girl: Alright well I'll drop you off here in front of these guys standing in the parking lot.
Savvy: For it to work a guy has to like you and want to see you again.
Girl: Are we talking about guys again?
Savvy: Sorry?
Girl: Are we talking about guys again because I didn't get the change of subject.
Savvy: You brought it up. You said there were guys at the coffee shop. Then you said that you were dropping me off in front of those guys in the parking lot.
Girl: I was just mentioning it in passing.
Savvy: And I was just responding to what you said, which you brought up.

She did not thank me for having paid for dinner (rude.) And seriously, what was that shit about the change of subject. When I'm out with people, I always make sure to thank them when they pay for stuff. Even if I don't like a guy I'm out with, I thank him.

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