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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swedish Fishing

I went to a party called a Gloggfest which was basically a Swedish drinking party. I was feeling a little bit sick, but decided I didn't mind. I met alot of people that evening, and ran into friends. However, yes, I remember the guys...

First, there was a British guy. And he might not be the best looking guy ever, but his smile knocked my socks off. He was also mildly flirtatious, putting his arm around me and touching me on the arm.

Savvy: So, what part of England are you from?
Glsvgs: The northern part...so North that it's called Scotland.
Savvy: Oh! Haha. Sorry.
Glsvgs: It's alright.
Savvy: I've actually been exploring the music of Anglo peoples lately. I've been listening alot to Frightened Rabbit from Scotland, and then I've been listening to a great deal of Muse. But, I didn't realise that the band Glasvegas was called that and were from Scotland until I actually met them--out here of course.
Glsvgs: It's a well-known secret that we call it Glasvegas.
Savvy: Now I get it. So what brought you out here?
Glsvgs: I work for a company which sells whiskey and I educate people about it.
Savvy: So, what should I know about it?
Glsvgs: Now, what is it you do?
Savvy: I'm a journalist.
Glsvgs: So, I'm not going to ask you to write a novel tonight, now am I?
Savvy: Hahahaha. No.

But then after some more conversation, he said:
Glsvgs: Well, I'm sure I'll be seeing you at another one of these since it's a rather small social circle.
Savvy: Oh, sure. That would be lovely.

That, my friends, is called the Hollywood kissoff...

A friend started showed me where lives on his iPhone and asked where I live on the iPhone. Glogg (it has some alcohol) makes it a little hard to find...but I did. We sat together for a large chunk of the time at the party. I'm very attracted to him and he's always been nice. In fact, he made quite an impression having been the guy who's really into conspiracy theories. We were both wearing velvet and I petted it occaisionally while we were talking. For some reason, it seemed like no big deal. I loved the idea of having him for my boyfriend this evening. These meetings at events have so far come to nothing.

But, while we were talking, I noticed a stunning Swedish guy. OK, stunning to me. Usually I like taller guys. This one was 5'6", had blond curly hair and blue eyes. I had no idea what an effect curly hair could possibly have on me, but it did and the eye contact dance began, and then as he and his friends walked past me, I asked a question.

We didn't really have some stunning or remarkable conversation, but after my conspiracy theorist friend left, I ended up spending the rest of the evening until 3 am hanging out with them and sitting next to him. Then when I dropped them off, the joke was, "You can always sleep in the bed with X since he's the smallest." I answered, "Oh, I don't do that on the first date." I was amused to put it that way and still feeling sick, but I can see how easily someone can be caught up in the moment. Seriously, he was really good looking to me. It was fascinating how much he looked like a young Martin Gore complete with slightly crooked teeth. It was nice to have such an attractive guy be a little attentive to me.

SwFish: Can I have your card?
Savvy: Oh, sure...wait... Oh, no. I seem to have run out.
SwFish: How can this be? Everyone in America has a card.
Savvy: Well, it's just that I gave a bunch out and I don't have any more. I actually got to give some out to the guys in Muse last week.
SwFish: Who is Muse?
Savvy: They are playing on my stereo right now.
SwFish: Ah.
Savvy: Well, are you on Facebook?
SwFish: Yes.
Savvy: OK, write yourself down.

He looked at me longingly while his friends got out of the car. I wanted to kiss him, but didn't have the nerve with his friends watching. He gave me a hug. I sent him a friend request already.

I've been single a really long time, and I have to say, I wish I could talk to this one again. We talked alot about curly hair, which might seem stupid, but when you've got naturally curly hair, it seems very profound. It was lovely for one night to imagine a man like him could like me. And perhaps if he were staying longer...but he isn't.

Woke up with my cough even worse than it was and stayed in bed most of the day. It was worth it. Ah, well. Back to singledom.

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