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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Married men hit a new low

I hate to chalk it up to someone being married... it's really just that Tough is a bit of a lying, cheating ass. A guy I know from my past who went out of his way to find me and contact me again sent out Christmas cards with his wife. That's a normal married thing to do, right? Lots of singles send out Christmas cards as well. It's not something I have really wrapped my head around, though I'm starting to think I should in my spinsterhood. In any case, this man propositioned me slyly saying that he wouldn't ask me to do anything I didn't want to do but making himself completely available for anything I might want to do. People, that is a LINE...

Of course this came with multiple assurances that he was actively seeking to disavow himself of his wife because she refused to sleep with him. Um... people, dare I say that's another line? Then he said that he couldn't leave her because he doesn't believe in divorce. And that he didn't want to leave her because of the children. Apparently he DOES believe in cheating on the side. Sometimes when friends get back in touch with you, they don't have the best intentions. But men who do not like their wives should not send out Christmas cards featuring little representations of them on the card as if nothing is wrong. Dear folks, does he think I'm an idiot who can't see through his lines? I sent him packing forthwith but kept him as a friend on Facebook. That's how I saw the card his cheating ass sent out with his family.

I called him Tough if you would like to check out how things get going in August please click on Tough. Why the Lord continues to allow such people to hit on me while I so far have not met a decent man is at this point so beyond me, I just can't fathom it.

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EuropeanCatholic said...

He sounds a selfish and self-centered person.

I could imagine it must be difficult to understand why He permits such people as Tough to pursue you, but does not bring a decent man into your life.

I struggle almost daily with questioning why He has not brought anyone into my life so far. I was in a Coffee House today and saw two families with children - husband, wife and small kid.

I wished that was me with the wife and kid rather than sitting with my coffee on my own!

Calming Scents said...

Well, this sounds about right. I would say most marrieds that stray do it just like this. My only thought is, we have to remember God gives us all free choice so its this mans choice to be a First Class Slug.

SavvyD said...

Seriously. And my choice not to get involved.