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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Victor became a Loser

A respectable single girl doesn't have the time for losers, least of all ones named "Victor."

I am volunteering for the Red Cross and was a a blood drive when one of the guys who works there started getting a little flirtatious. He stopped by the registration area quite few times to see how we were doing. He even bought dinner for me. Don't go wild, people, I asked him for a kid's meal when he offered. He certainly qualifies as a big spender! Haha.

He even said he already knew what kind of drink I wanted as he stopped by my car when I needed to get my jacket. It gets cold at night in California. Last night it dipped to the 50s and today it's only in the 60s and cloudy.

Victor: I'm trying to guess what color yours eyes are.
Savvy: Oh, that depends.
Victor: Are they blue or are they green?
Savvy: They change with what I'm wearing.
Victor: I would have to be a little closer.
Savvy: We'll see what can be arranged.
Victor: So do you ever go and get a drink with people spontaneously?
Savvy: Sometimes. It depends on the person and the situation.
Victor: So, you can tell alot about a person from what's in their car.
Savvy: Oh? What can you tell about me.
Victor: I can tell you really like music. You like Diet Dr. Pepper. You like Depeche Mode. What was their really big album?
Savvy: Violator. 8 million copies worldwide. First band to fill the Rose Bowl in 1989. Oh, and most of those bands gave me their CDs to review.
Victor: That's right, you said you write about music.
Savvy: What else can you tell? Did you miss anything?
Victor: Oh, is that your phone in there? It must not be important to you.
Savvy: Oh, that's a second line.
Victor: So, it's your player phone.
Savvy: My what?
Victor: Player phone, players have two lines.
Savvy: No, it's my used to live in New York phone and I still have the number. It's not even charged.
Savvy: Did you notice I drive stick.
Victor: Yes, I noticed that.
Savvy: Yeah right.
Victor: Most girls don't drive stick.
Savvy: Most guys don't even drive stick nowadays.
Victor: No, most guys do.
Savvy: Not anymore, most people in general drive automatic.

Through the course of the next few hours, conversation continued similarly with him telling me he thought I was funny or whatever nonsense. He slipped me his phone number on a post-it note. At home later I regrded the post-it and wondered about it. A man who so easily slips a phone number on a post it might also slip something less desirable onto a post-it note. Instead of the prearranged meeting time of 10:30, he called at 10:38.

Savvy: Hey, I'm really tired and I was wondering if we could reschedule.
Victor: Well, to be honest, no. Let me tell you how it is with me. It's usually about like this where I never know what time I get off work really because we have stuff to do, and then sometimes I have to go in really early like at 5 which means I have to get up at 3 so I never know.
Savvy: Really? Sounds terrible. Is it hard to have friends? It just seems like it would be.
Loser: well, yes, a little. But that's how it is, so I really can't reschedule. How do you feel about that.
Savvy: It doesn't exactly make me feel special. Umm, I don't really play games. So I'm going to lay it out for you. You're telling me you can't meet anytime but tonight and it's late. I've only ever heard that a man who wants to meet up late for a drink is up to no good. So it makes you sound like a jerk and I don't have time for that. I already told you I'm looking for something, but only with the right person.
Loser: Well, when you put it that way.
Savvy: Besides, it's the suburbs, most things are closed by now.
Loser: There are things open, you just have to be creative. But aren't you ever spontaneous? Do you have to have everyting planned?
Savvy: No, I don't have to have everything planned, but if I know that I'm meeting up with my friends around 9, I know that one of them will be there around 9 even if all them can't make it at 9. If you were the one that were late, that's fine because you'd only be one out of a group. Plus, it's late right now. If it were early, I wouldn't mind as much. Like say if you thought you were getting off at 6 but it turned out the be 7.
Loser: You offered it to me. It sounded exciting to meet uptonight.
Savvy: Oh? I offered it to you?
(This must be how players try to turn it around.)

Loser: Yeah. Obviously we had a misunderstanding. You were flirting with me all day and I was thinking I should flirt with you. And then when you suggested getting together for a drink after work I thought that I could do that and it sounded exciting.
Savvy: Oh, you flirted. You were talking about my eyes and I remember you were the one who suggested meeting spontaneously for drinks by my car because you asked if I ever do that. I was trying to make it easy for you because it seemed like you thought I was cute.
Loser: I can't see what the difference is between 10:30 and 11 is.
Savvy: It's very different. It's late. I'm tired. I thought we were meeting at 10:30 not talking about meeting at 10:38 and now you're telling me that you're not even done so then we won't meet for even later?
Loser: I still don't see the difference.
Savvy: Well I do. And I'm not seeing how it's worth my time.
Loser: Can I call you back in about 10 minutes? I'm still not done here.
Savvy: Sure.

By that time it was past 11. He actually did call back in about 10 minutes but I couldn't understand anything he said because it was distorted via Bluetooth. I shouldn't have bothered to pick up. I barely understood him say that he would call me another time when he could talk and when reception was better.

I thought, 'please don't, Loser.' And I was thinking of people asking me where I go that I meet these jerks cause it must be someplace sleazy, right? I volunteer for the Red Cross.

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TabithaVenasse said...

Oh dear. Scummy loser-face.

SavvyD said...

Seriously! I don't know why this one inspired me to write something. I really thought for a second that maybe he would be worth going out with for awhile. Nope.

ClarenceComments said...

When was the last time you had a fun date?

SavvyD said...

Clarence--about a month ago I had a nice date with a great guy, but he went back to Canada after his conference. He was a supernice guy and very respectful though he didn't seem to be attracted to me. But most of the time guys try to take advantage, or just don't see me that way. But yeah, it's been a really long time.

I thought this Red Cross guy would be nice, but I very quickly sussed out that he's not what I'm looking for and that he seemed shady. So why waste my time.

Sushi Girl said...

oh boy have I met some losers lately...