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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what I love about online dating

This guy had a habit of taking my number online and then not calling. I sent emails with my number. He replied to said emails. There was no mystery as to whether or not he got them. I then lost my phone at the House of Blues. He didn't even call my temporary number as I asked him. This is a series of subsequent emails.

5/1 Spicy: Did you get your real numbers so i can call you?

5/2 Savvy: A long time ago. I sent them, you never called so I gave up on you.

5/2 Spicy: so have u given up on me and have you found someone else? would u like to give me another chance?

5/3 Savvy: No I haven't found anyone. I haven't met anyone at all here and often wonder what's the point of trying? There are so many players out there. It takes time to trust someone and most people don't want to be bothered with taking things slowly.

His response is choicccce...but then so is mine.

i5/4 Spicy: How would u define taking things
slow? U need to understand that u r dating
someone from Internet and the first
impression is a profile and it's visual
n sexual and so when u meet n like
someone u get in to making out cudling
feeling touching and some go to the extent
of sex. That's today's dating scenario
where women judge on a mans wallet and
status n men on when can a woman sleep
with him

5/4 Savvy: Well then forget it.

That's something a jerk would say. Let him go do what he wants with someone else. I'm out. Someone gave me really terrible advice that I would have my pick of hundreds of guys if I had an ad online. Not really. And most of the picking comes from losers like this. "You need to understand" I'm not going to go out with a jerk just to tell my friends I have a man.

5/5 Spicy: well i didnt mean that i wanna sleep with u but surely the expectation would be to kiss u and make out with u

*YAWN* too late.

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MarkyMark said...


It might have been better to say that you sent the numbers, then asked if he got them. Things do get lost in the void of cyberspace, you know.

For example, you might have said: I sent them a long time ago, but I never got a call. Did you get them ok?

By saying that you gave up on him, you're putting the kibosh on any desire he may have to pursue something with you. Do you see the difference here? How would YOU feel if you were on the receiving end of what you wrote? Just some food for thought...


Tanisha said...

OMGoodness!! His response was hideous. Who says that. I've done online dating and have never jumped into a physical relationship with someone. He's off his rocker and you're better off without him.

SavvyD said...

I wasn't actually interested him anymore. I had good enough reason to think we weren't a match from other things he said about sensuality. let's just say he isn't a Christian. Unfortunately, Plenty of Fish deletes emails and it's hard to remember exactly what he said. If I were still interested, I would have been sweet about it.

Sushi Girl said...

I have tried Plenty of fish before, I will have to say, there are a bunch of losers on there..

TabithaVenasse said...

Bah. PlentyOfFish did nothing but get me in trouble.

Frankly, I've just about given up on online dating. Even on the Christian site, they're either sex-maniacs or complete whack jobs who think saying hello means you're getting married.

SavvyD said...

I'm not saying that it CAN'T happen if people meet from online, but it just seems that people's seriousness level about it went down as the stigma was removed. However, many just view it as an easy way to get a hookup.

The Christian groups had their loonies too, you're right. One guy had the nerve to say that if you didn't get Skype in order to communicate with him that you weren't serious. Um right. Long distance relationship? It's hard to take it seriously, doesn't mean you aren't earnestly looking. You can learn alot about a person by writing. Skye doesn't really show what a person looks like. I don't have Skype and I don't do chat. Maybe I should but I think it wastes alot of time.

SavvyD said...

Oh, @Marky Mark, I knew that he got the numbers because he replied to the emails in which I sent them. There is no being coy about it. It was the second time he failed to take down my number and call. Experience has taught me that when people behave like that, you will get more of the same. Better to shut it down and let them go their merry way. True, I didn't call. But to be honest, I just didn't care enough because I knew that we weren't from the same background ie he's not religious.

mary kate said...

ok... so, no offense, but i'm confused.... what does religious' mean for you other than you sing in a choir and won't sleep with a dude before you marry him? i have known several great atheist dudes who were virgins until they were married, and from reading your posts, it kind of sounds like that's all you care about? likewise, i have known some really great christian guys who, when i met them, were still sleeping with their girlfriends. those relationships ended in either marriage, or a breakup, with the guy then committing to celibacy. but... there's more to loving jesus than keeping your pants on.

SavvyD said...

Mary Kate, I'm assuming that you've only seen one post of mine or maybe two. It's true, there are many Christians who don't practice their faith very closely.

In dating, even if I weren't Christian, I would still want to get rid of the guys who seemed like they were only after sex. If I weren't Christian, I might still sing in a choir since I have been a professional singer.

However, in marriage, there is an issue of what beliefs you raise a family with. And the purpose of dating is at some point to figure out if you want to marry someone. And I'm just not comfortable with the morals of someone who would sleep with someone very early in a relationship. It's not a good fit for me. I want to know that someone cares about ME in a dating relationship and I want to know that I care about HIM. I think I would be that way even if I weren't Christian because it's something that always made sense to me.

EDavis said...

Good move in ditching that guy. He's very odd, Christian or not.

This is probably going to be one of those annoying posts where someone new comes on here and makes suggestions to people who already know what they're doing... but just a thought... I never tried Big Fish but I did do the website ChristianMingle. Some decent men there and some nut jobs. (OK, maybe more nut jobs than not.) Just thought I'd mention it in case someone had not heard of it.

SavvyD said...

People just want to help and they hope their advice will magically work. They cn't help it that you've been single a million years, have tried what they said several times and it sounds like ass hearing it again. But they have a really hard time when you tell them you don't want their advice.

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