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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Savvy Tips for Healthy Eating at Fresh & Easy

I gave in and finally visited my friendly neighborhood Fresh & Easy. Actually, I visited twice before, but this time I actually shopped. One of the things I like best is that they have freshly prepared dinners, much like Trader Joes. These are, however, slightly better priced and they have a special line of great tasting healthy eating options from the Fresh & Easy Kitchen.

I tried one of their regular Fresh and Easy Kitchen items, Chicken Teriyaki and it was quite fresh and delicious tasting.

The Eatwell line features lower fat and lower sodium options, and that's a really great since just about everything has far too much sodium in it. Additionally, brown rice or whole grain pasta replaces the regular stuff.

Everyone is running out and spending tons of money on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem and there's really no need when they have such fresh and delicious things readily available. Granted, this works best for a single girl on the go, but that applies to most of you who stop by. :)

Another great thing about these stores is that they make the stores as energy-efficient as possible by using solar panels, extra insulation, night shades on their coolers to keep the cool air in, extra large windows to let more light in, and by using LED lights with dimmers which notice when more or less light is needed. Just something extra to feel good about. There's no point in wasting electricity.

The Southwestern States are the exclusive home of Fresh & Easy for now. However, if you live in England, you know the stores as Tesco. Think of us as a Tesco mini-mart.

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