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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The man who couldn't connect with women...

What? A creature of mystical legend and lore so fantastical he couldn't possibly exist. The man who couldn't connect. He's not gaming you, he just doesn't know how to connect with you. Apparently he may even really like you. He's just really bad at showing it...

I saw a guy on Plenty of Fish who was gorgeous with the most piercing blue eyes. It was hard to imagine that a guy that good looking should have a hard time finding a girl. By all accounts of the hard up, it should be easy if you are extremely good looking, no? I decided to say hello just out of curiosity.

u r gorgeous. How is it u r single?

It is a combo of me having really high standards and very little to offer a relationship. All things being equal I would rather be single. Unless I am really crazy about a girl I would rather remain single. Even girls I do like usually can't handle it when I don't call them for over a week. I need a lot of freedom and privacy which most women can't accept. Did that just about cover your question?

A guy that picky probably would be into a slightly goofy girl like me.

I wouldn't freak out, I just would rather be friends with someone who needs that much freedom and privacy. I'm pretty independent, but a relationship does take a little more effort than that. :)

Well I am not really looking for friends. I have enough friends and they are mostly men that like to do guy stuff with me.

That's all right. I was just curious. Maybe when you are ready you will want to pursue a girl more and not leave her hanging for a week. It's not so much freaking out as that not calling someone for a week is more how you would treat a friend or a girl you aren't very interested in. Good luck. :)

I was never interested in the first place, just curious. So why not find out what i really wanted to know? It really does seem like people just have such a hard time connecting in the modern era. Perhaps it was easier when people stayed closer to home, traveling was considered to be a big deal and people weren't so spread out.

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mary kate said...

i love that you followed your curiosity! you took charge! i have been doing more of that myself. met a guy online, and after a week or two of almost daily email exchanges, he stopped emailing me. after a month or two, i finally emailed him and asked him why. my email was light, jokey and to the point. and you know what, he responded, apologized, and said he was glad i wrote. he admitted he should have let me know what was going on (he was overwhelmed by dealing with multiple ladies at once, esp when we all live far away). anwyay, we had a great exchange, i got my question answered, and we all moved on. hooray!

SavvyD said...

Mary Kate, it's no big deal when it's online and you don't care that much. I mean, the stakes here are less than zero.

MarkyMark said...

If that guy on POF had any game at all, he'd be beddin' 'em down left & right! He sounds like he could be an Alpha male, the kind that all women desire. Perhaps he's gay?

SavvyD said...

Most people don't have any game. And those who think they do can be shredded, as I did with the Red Cross guy.