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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Engagement announcements on FB

If I hated Facebook before, I really hate it now. Two of my friends got engaged. I'm happy for them, I really am. I want them to be very happy together. She's a wonderful and very spiritual girl, though some of you might not like her because she's a female pastor for the PC USA. They even posted a picture of him on one knee.

The Fiance--Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and kind words you all have shared. I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life with my fiancee!

Meanwhile the rest of us wait and hope for someone to ask us for even a very small espresso. Some of us have even tried flirting, giving out our phone numbers and asking a guy to call us, asking for his number, asking if he's on Facebook, emailing him, etc.

There was a cute and nerdy guy at the church where I sing and it turned out he was the boyfriend of one of the only other girl around my age in choir. I was so disappointed. Someone told me maybe I was trying too hard. Oh, really? As if that's what the problem was. Someone else told me it was because I would give it up. Someone else told me something else.

At this point if I could meet a nice atheist so I could at least have someone nice waiting for me when I got home, I might go for it. I'm tired of people whining about how awful it is to go to church alone while a spouse waits at home. Is it really so awful as always going to church by yourself and going home to your cats or your parents? Is it really so awful as never having a date with someone worth being with? I'm tired of people whining about not being able to marry because they're gay. All they have to do in California is register as domestic partners and they have nearly all of the rights as a married couple before the law. Want a church blessing? You can get that too, you just can't get both together right now. I would rather be with someone I love and not be allowed to marry than be alone and never have anyone want to marry me.

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Amy Lizzy said...

So true!!! Went to a wedding last night. My least favorite part "all the single ladies please come try to catch the bouquet" I didn't participate in that!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I liked your post very much, especially the part about not marrying just to marry and not be alone. Which is the reason I am in my 30s and still single. I know God has someone for me but he knows and I know is not my time yet.

Tanisha said...

I vowed to not bring my "MUST GET MARRIED NOW' issues into 2010 because they robbed me of some pretty good times with some pretty decent guys in 2009. One of my favorite quotes is, "Christianity is God's marriage proposal to the soul!." I know this doesn't make you coffee in the morning, cook you dinner at night or celebrate holidays with you and the family....but it does make me feel confident in God's promise to fulfill his plans for me.

I have to have faith that God placed the desire to be a wife and mother on heart something fierce because He is going to allow it in my life. He's coming -- for me and for you!! Wait for the man who He purposed for you! It'll be worth the wait!!

TabithaVenasse said...

Funny how you seem to write exactly what's on my mind most of the time.

I have found myself considering the very same thing. I mean, if Church guys aren't interested, couldn't there at least be one non-religious dude who would be interested?

I know some parts of it are my fault. If I am interested in a guy, I can't talk to him, especially if I haven't actually met him prior to.

But all I really want is to just have someone there. Someone other than my sister and family to share my life and love with. Someone who might help me not feel like I'm running my life slowly into the ground.

SavvyD said...

I would still rather be alone than with someone who isn't good for me at all. When I think of all the nice non-Christian guys who I met when I was younger, I really asked myself why I turned them down. I thought I would meet guys like them but where were Christian.

I have many more stories. I used to make my posts like a movie script, and I will do that when I actually meet a guy, or exchange stupid emails with him. LOL