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Monday, May 31, 2010

I owe you one or two

Hello cyberfriends. Savvy Single Christian has been online for 2 1/2 years and I want to thank you for reading. I defintely owe you one or two great stories.

I just picked up "501 Things to do if you dare"

#173 Meet one of your fans...
This is something I swore i would never do, but after being pen pals for a few months, I decided to. I will let you know the results.

#172 Meet one of your heroes...
I will be "meeting" someone I really admire via Skype for an interview because of my music writing. I'm already nervous.

#502 Reveal your real self to your blog followers...
Hmm...this isn't in the book and it isn't something I'm ready to do just yet. But I have to say that my ideas of what I'm doing with my life have changed a bit since I'm still single and not dating anyone. Might do some of these other daring things I have in mind...and it won't be learning how to knit, either. I think it might be that I will truly embrace being single and living in a country which allows so much freedom to the women who live in it. Feminist? Maybe. Not sure I care much anymore. Let's see where the Lord leads...

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Run Away!!

I hate to get all xenophobic, but my latest online waste of time ended at the phone call stage. I couldn't find my phone which it turned out was hidden under the covers. I found it as I slipped into bed. Have to laugh at this.

Funny though, when I met a girl who was from the same background she said "run away." And it would have been really hard to refrain from making cracks about Iranian terrorist connections. I guess that gives it away.

Meanwhile, Menomena announced they have a new album coming out. A related act, Ramona Falls, gave a great concert. I found out they all got started in the Portland Christian rock scene. Not only does he have mad skyllzzz on the keyboard, but I heard never to play Connect Four against him. I got slaughtered a few times at Coachella, but then, I also won a few times...


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The man who couldn't connect with women...

What? A creature of mystical legend and lore so fantastical he couldn't possibly exist. The man who couldn't connect. He's not gaming you, he just doesn't know how to connect with you. Apparently he may even really like you. He's just really bad at showing it...

I saw a guy on Plenty of Fish who was gorgeous with the most piercing blue eyes. It was hard to imagine that a guy that good looking should have a hard time finding a girl. By all accounts of the hard up, it should be easy if you are extremely good looking, no? I decided to say hello just out of curiosity.

u r gorgeous. How is it u r single?

It is a combo of me having really high standards and very little to offer a relationship. All things being equal I would rather be single. Unless I am really crazy about a girl I would rather remain single. Even girls I do like usually can't handle it when I don't call them for over a week. I need a lot of freedom and privacy which most women can't accept. Did that just about cover your question?

A guy that picky probably would be into a slightly goofy girl like me.

I wouldn't freak out, I just would rather be friends with someone who needs that much freedom and privacy. I'm pretty independent, but a relationship does take a little more effort than that. :)

Well I am not really looking for friends. I have enough friends and they are mostly men that like to do guy stuff with me.

That's all right. I was just curious. Maybe when you are ready you will want to pursue a girl more and not leave her hanging for a week. It's not so much freaking out as that not calling someone for a week is more how you would treat a friend or a girl you aren't very interested in. Good luck. :)

I was never interested in the first place, just curious. So why not find out what i really wanted to know? It really does seem like people just have such a hard time connecting in the modern era. Perhaps it was easier when people stayed closer to home, traveling was considered to be a big deal and people weren't so spread out.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Divorce--The Daily Beat breaks it down


Breaks down divorce probability by habits and customs. Non-smokers who marry smokers have a high rate of divorce. I'm not surprised. I've dated a few smokers in trying to think outside the box and I was never quite happy with it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Savvy Tips for Healthy Eating at Fresh & Easy

I gave in and finally visited my friendly neighborhood Fresh & Easy. Actually, I visited twice before, but this time I actually shopped. One of the things I like best is that they have freshly prepared dinners, much like Trader Joes. These are, however, slightly better priced and they have a special line of great tasting healthy eating options from the Fresh & Easy Kitchen.

I tried one of their regular Fresh and Easy Kitchen items, Chicken Teriyaki and it was quite fresh and delicious tasting.

The Eatwell line features lower fat and lower sodium options, and that's a really great since just about everything has far too much sodium in it. Additionally, brown rice or whole grain pasta replaces the regular stuff.

Everyone is running out and spending tons of money on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem and there's really no need when they have such fresh and delicious things readily available. Granted, this works best for a single girl on the go, but that applies to most of you who stop by. :)

Another great thing about these stores is that they make the stores as energy-efficient as possible by using solar panels, extra insulation, night shades on their coolers to keep the cool air in, extra large windows to let more light in, and by using LED lights with dimmers which notice when more or less light is needed. Just something extra to feel good about. There's no point in wasting electricity.

The Southwestern States are the exclusive home of Fresh & Easy for now. However, if you live in England, you know the stores as Tesco. Think of us as a Tesco mini-mart.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Engagement announcements on FB

If I hated Facebook before, I really hate it now. Two of my friends got engaged. I'm happy for them, I really am. I want them to be very happy together. She's a wonderful and very spiritual girl, though some of you might not like her because she's a female pastor for the PC USA. They even posted a picture of him on one knee.

The Fiance--Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and kind words you all have shared. I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life with my fiancee!

Meanwhile the rest of us wait and hope for someone to ask us for even a very small espresso. Some of us have even tried flirting, giving out our phone numbers and asking a guy to call us, asking for his number, asking if he's on Facebook, emailing him, etc.

There was a cute and nerdy guy at the church where I sing and it turned out he was the boyfriend of one of the only other girl around my age in choir. I was so disappointed. Someone told me maybe I was trying too hard. Oh, really? As if that's what the problem was. Someone else told me it was because I would give it up. Someone else told me something else.

At this point if I could meet a nice atheist so I could at least have someone nice waiting for me when I got home, I might go for it. I'm tired of people whining about how awful it is to go to church alone while a spouse waits at home. Is it really so awful as always going to church by yourself and going home to your cats or your parents? Is it really so awful as never having a date with someone worth being with? I'm tired of people whining about not being able to marry because they're gay. All they have to do in California is register as domestic partners and they have nearly all of the rights as a married couple before the law. Want a church blessing? You can get that too, you just can't get both together right now. I would rather be with someone I love and not be allowed to marry than be alone and never have anyone want to marry me.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what I love about online dating

This guy had a habit of taking my number online and then not calling. I sent emails with my number. He replied to said emails. There was no mystery as to whether or not he got them. I then lost my phone at the House of Blues. He didn't even call my temporary number as I asked him. This is a series of subsequent emails.

5/1 Spicy: Did you get your real numbers so i can call you?

5/2 Savvy: A long time ago. I sent them, you never called so I gave up on you.

5/2 Spicy: so have u given up on me and have you found someone else? would u like to give me another chance?

5/3 Savvy: No I haven't found anyone. I haven't met anyone at all here and often wonder what's the point of trying? There are so many players out there. It takes time to trust someone and most people don't want to be bothered with taking things slowly.

His response is choicccce...but then so is mine.

i5/4 Spicy: How would u define taking things
slow? U need to understand that u r dating
someone from Internet and the first
impression is a profile and it's visual
n sexual and so when u meet n like
someone u get in to making out cudling
feeling touching and some go to the extent
of sex. That's today's dating scenario
where women judge on a mans wallet and
status n men on when can a woman sleep
with him

5/4 Savvy: Well then forget it.

That's something a jerk would say. Let him go do what he wants with someone else. I'm out. Someone gave me really terrible advice that I would have my pick of hundreds of guys if I had an ad online. Not really. And most of the picking comes from losers like this. "You need to understand" I'm not going to go out with a jerk just to tell my friends I have a man.

5/5 Spicy: well i didnt mean that i wanna sleep with u but surely the expectation would be to kiss u and make out with u

*YAWN* too late.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The last dating book you'll ever need!!

I really need this book and SO DO YOU!!!

Hot New Relationship Book Warns Women: 'Wake Up! He's A Shapeshifter' PS This is not a real book, but it is a real video produced by The Onion.
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