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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The unwanted spirit guide...

A myspace friend posted a blog entry revealing his excitement over the new retro suede boots he got in the mail. (Wow, a guy who digs shoes!) However, he also posted that he was kept up all night because he was communing with a spirit...a what?

1. I wouldn't commune with a spirit guide I barely know.
2. I wouldn't commune with a spirit guide who had a name somewhere between a cartoon warrior and a technology company.
3. Any spirit guide who kept me up all night to "commune" would seriously get the boot.
4. The only spirit guide I want to talk to is Jesus, I know what he's about--and so do alot of people.

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I wanted to say this on a post, but I suppose it's not polite to make light of someone's spirit guide. Nor do people take too kindly to their spirit guide and subsequently listen intently while you tell them about Jesus.

Up until now this guy seemed like a reasonably intelligent, relatively creative guy. He just got his band back together. Say what you will about rock music, there are plenty of people not in rock who have spirit guides.

And lately I found myself thinking, that if one need only make a deal with the devil to be successful as a musician, then Satan would be out on his ear double quick since there are so many unsuccessful acts.

In between dreams, I thought I heard an audible voice speaking to me...but it just said, "Hi." I thought, "You're kidding me, right? It's after me because I want to make fun of it?" It was a dream, though. Then I thought, "Hi? You're kidding me, right? What's that? A spirit guide on his first attempt to talk to someone? A shy one? What a joke." I'm going to tell it to leave me alone in the name of Jesus.

While I feel slightly vindicated that a man would post about loving his shoes so much that he would lay them on the floor next to his bed so that they were the first thing he would see, there is a deeper issue. The question here is, how do I interact with people who have different beliefs and find ways to share my own?

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Anonymous said...

This is why people need to go to church. Someone has to tell you to leave the spirits alone.

TabithaVenasse said...

Savvy. There is a little something for you on my blog today. :)


SavvyD said...

@Hale ---seriously!!!
@Tabitha --thanks!

MarkyMark said...


Run away, far away! If he's messing with spirit guides, he's playing with demons. If he's doing that, he's playing with FIRE; literally and figuratively speaking, he's playing with fire! My Bible says if you play with fire, you will get burned! If you're with him when he gets burned, then you get burned too. Think about it...


SavvyD said...

I am far far away from him. He lives in Liverpool so we're only the remotest of friends in that we've left comments for each other on Myspace and his memoirs will be published sometime next year.