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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No, it really did mean nothing

I went to see my friend's band and sure enough that guy was there. I was sort of happy to see him, but after a text message with no response and no phone call... Well, suffice it to say that I had to know. (Plus Prof. Hale challenged me.)

I saw him at the box office and tapped him on the shoulder.
He: Don't touch me.
Me: Oh! No!
He: Heyyyyyy! How are you? (Big hug.) I didn't see it was you. I would have said that to anyone

I then got distracted with getting a VIP pass and he and his friends went inside without me.

Once inside I ran into him again and I had to ask, though I got distracted handing out cards to the friends so they could find my review on the web.

He: I have one, only mine is special.
Me: Yes, yours is special. Um...I sorta thought you would call me after all that stuff you said.
He: I don't know why I didn't call. I just didn't. I don't have an excuse.
Me: Oh.

I had my answer and walked away. Guys only say that kind of stuff when they don't care. He seemed to feel bad, but I really don't care if he feels bad. I think it was cruel to say really flattering things like "I need to see you again." when you really don't mean it.

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Anonymous said...

But you learned something.

1. I now know that you are not totally hideous to look upon, or he would not have hugged you.

2. He is not indiferent about you, but he is certain that he does not want you, but he doesn't dispise you.

This is all very useful.

Maybe you should ask him again just to be sure there is no misunderstanding.

SavvyD said...

Oh Hale, people hug people all the time. It doesn't mean anything at all. Sometimes people ascribe meaning to things that don't mean anything, this is one of those things.

Saying "I need to see you again." is innappropriate under the circumstances. Now grated, it's not a promise or an offer for a date, but if this guy feels like he's got women hanging on him and doesn't understand why, he's an idiot. Most people don't say that stuff.

TabithaVenasse said...

I'm in total agreement with you on that savvy. Saying 'I need to see you again' is highly inappropriate when one does not actually mean it.

Personally, I'm starting to think that most guys in our 20-Something age range are all morons. Many of them tend to be rather self-serving, saying things that make them feel better, by thinking they've somehow made a girl's day, and not thinking of the repurcussions of not following through.

SavvyD said...

I hate to be bitter, but I've not had good experiences out there. I'm going to have to start assuming that they don't mean what they say until they prove otherwise. People say not to think that way, but in thinking that way, this guy would not have had this effect on me and hurt my feelings.

TabithaVenasse said...

Once again, I am totally with you on that Savvy.

MarkyMark said...


Guys are saying the same things about you...


SavvyD said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't help any of us.

EDavis said...

I've found that sometimes guys say things that they do mean at the time, but later on their feelings wane for whatever reason. I don't think that it necessarily meant that this guy wasn't interested in the moment he initially said that to you.

But his most recent response to you indicates that he is fickle or at least not in touch with his feelings enough to have a clue why he did what he did. Good bullet to dodge. What a nightmare living with him could be.

SavvyD said...

This is where it gets both strange and funny. He was on a reality show which very recently aired. The guy is a complete jerk and looked like a completely self-absorbed jerk on a reality TV series as he got kicked off. I was lauging my butt off.