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Friday, April 2, 2010

No date with you

Cue dramatic music.
Announcer reads: And now, another installment in the ongoing saga of Facebook comments! In this chapter, Brfcs leaves stupid comments and...well...you'll see...

Brfcs: May be a dumb question, but why would a girl be offended if I complement her on her body (even if she is chubby)? If I didn't like it I would be giving the complement. Sure she may not like it, but it's not like it's going to change anytime soon. Why not work with what you've got, when you have it?

Savvy thought: She probably doesn't like you like that. The way you said it probably came across as creepy, weird or desperate. I sympathize with her, I've started to think you are a creep. Seriously, just because a girl is chubby doesn't mean she will give YOU a chance. The real question is why you are so self-absorbed that you think your compliment was like manna from heaven.

I thought I would send him his own words to eat.
Savvy sent: Brfcs says: "How are we supposed to plan our date if it takes you so long to respond? ;)"
Savvy thought: How lame. Let's see if the jerk has a response. (He didn't.)

However he did post this enlightening thought:
Brfcs: Nice to know the Lakers can win a game... GO LAKERS!

Savvy thought: Nice to know I don't have to take you seriously.

I'm thinking I should just quietly unfriend him. There isn't really a point to us being Facebook friends since we weren't really friends in class He found me through our mutual friends. Seriously, we hardly spoke until I spilled coffee on his briefcase at a training seminar. Who cares?

I love comments!

1 comment:

SavvyD said...

Just so we are clear, this guy does not qualify as "Mr. Alright"