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Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't go to bars--or nightclubs

I have gone places with friends and if they pick a place to go and celebrate it's going to be a really swank lounge and I'm with friends to celebrate. I don't go alone and I don't try and meet people I don't know. That's not at all the "bar scene" people think of.

Once I met a man at a multi-year reunion that was held at an old classmate's restaurant. There was nothing "bar scene" about it. We were all basically friends and friends of friends. I thought he went to a neighboring high school and talked to him about his recent trip to China. He then propositioned me.

A few weeks later they had a fund raiser in the same establishment. Many people there were married, have children, were there with spouses, and during the fundraiser there were some children there.

I have gone to karaoke WITH FRIENDS at bar/grill type places. Talk about take a walk on the mild side. Many people who go to the occasional karaoke night are really there for the karaoke. And many really sing quite well. I did hear one that a couple met and married through karaoke. But I don't hold my breath that the same will happen for me.

The typical "bar scene" is filled with people who "go to bars" to "pickup." Many places in our country do not have said swank lounges that one would consider going to with friends. Many places in the U.S. have really scroungy, nasty, gross establishments which ONLY serve alcohol. You would only go there if you have 30 tattoos and came with a biker gang. Most people think of that when they think of "bars."

How often? I'd say once a month someone decides to throw their birthday at a swank lounge. Though another friend had her's a Dave and Busters--a well known, very clean, "grown up arcade." The bands I go see are in "concert halls" or "auditoriums." I stand in the back and stay out of the fray.

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SavvyD said...

I understand, it wasn't so much dorected at you, but just to clarify in the case that I may have more readers than commentors since I turned off anonymous commenting. I had to, I was having some people hijeck my blog comment space with their own agendas.

In LA there are very few bars which are mainly bars that happen to have live entertainment on any night. That's more of a skanky bar with a cover band. The places I go are focused on having entertainment and are much larger. They are actual venues designed for having live entertainment. I don't revue cover bands. If I go to a concert, I'm there to write a review.