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Friday, March 26, 2010

The last place you look

I was looking everywhere for my parking permit. I know that I often pick things up, put them down, and end up searching for them everywhere else but where I put them. But this time was different. I was looking everywhere for my lost parking permit. I'm taking a few classes in hopes of a career change and thought everything was squared away. I have been going to alot of concerts and hauling alot of books around.

I started to wonder if I had put the parking permit inside on of my books. I searched all of my books. No.

I thought maybe it feel under the seat. No.

In the glove compartment. No.

Computer bag. No.

In between music rags and mags from various places. No.

Under my bed. No.

Under the stuff at the foot of my bed. No.

It had to be somewhere. No. It was nowhere.

Jesus, help me? No. No help for me.

Every time I parked at school, I wondered if this would be the day I got a ticket. Luckily it didn't happen. I finally decided that if I didn't find it I would have to buy another. It's only $20 for a permit, so it's not like a big deal or anything. It's just that it was a pain.

For some reason last night, I was digging around for something I placed in the cup holder. I closed the cup holder, and in doing that I saw my parking permit stuck inside the side of the cup holder.

It took some effort to fish it out of there. Seriously. Thank you Jesus. It was never really lost at all. Just very nearly sucked into the vortex of my car. And yes, it was the last place I looked, though I wasn't even looking anymore. So does that count? Or is it only when you look for something intentionally that it's in the last place where you look?

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The Invisible Seductress said...

I found a shoe in the fridge one day...but I have 3 little people that do really weird things sometimes.(in this case it was because "my feet were hot, mommy"...OK).It's the remote control that always turns up missing around here...Sigh...then I hafta get my lazy butt up.....the horror!!! Glad ya found it!!!