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Monday, March 1, 2010

Does God Hate Haiti??

Quite some time ago I heard the concept of "natural evil"; basically the idea that "mother nature" is a "bad mother" and out to get us like one of Satan's minions.

A faithful Christian cannot accept the claim that God is a bystander in world events. The Bible clearly claims the sovereign rule of God over all his creation, all of the time. We have no right to claim that God was surprised by the earthquake in Haiti, or to allow that God could not have prevented it from happening.

Really? Because earthquakes, floods, fire and other natural disasters have been happening for centuries, yea millennia. Maybe what civilization does is what makes it evil. The rains pour, we try to control them in flood channels and with dykes. Guess what? We never imagine how much higher the waters can go. We build houses too close and then curse God for what we did to ourselves.

We build houses too high, structures to tenuous, make land too scarce. An earthquake flattens the land, and we curse God. What?? We built it. We did. Humanity, I mean. Did God really mean for us to live this way? Has humanity always lived this way? No.

Thousands of years ago in North America, a village might be moved in an instant. Fire? Pack up the tent and move. Belongings? What belongings? Not much can be had in a tent. The same went for a flood. The chief saw rain coming and told everyone it was time to move lest they be swept away. Earthquake? That might knock you off your feet, or knock over the tent; but there was no concrete, no bookcase, no glass, no clothing to worry about.

If God were intent on stopping and starting earthquakes that pleased or displeased Him, would he destroy Christians, too? How about the Salvation Army building? I mean, they are doing the Lord's work out there, why should they also suffer? Why should their building be damaged?


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Anonymous said...

It seems that God hates people who live in earthquake zones, no matter what religion they profess. The Lord makes the rain to fall upon the wicked and the just alike. The only real difference is that the church is there to help pick up the pieces, Out of the love our God commands us to show for each other, but the atheist/Islamic/Buddhist organizations couldn't give a rat's ass.