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Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Way to Announce Your Relationships

On Facebook! Does anyone else find this weird? I think it's strange. I am happy for the guy, but it's really an odd way to get to know things.

Just post the following announcements on your wall to make sure everyone knows.

FB Buster: would like to announce that he has the best girlfriend he has ever seen or heard of. :)

FB Addict > FB Buster: Congratulations on your new relationship!
FB Addicted > FB Buster: Congratulations Buster! Your girlfriend is beautiful and you look happy together. Many blessings to you both!
FB Addict2 > FB Buster: Sounds like you're doing well my friend - so glad for you : )

I'm guessing from her location being on the opposite side of the country, that this was an eHarmony thing. Wouldn't it have been easier to just ask out a girl at church?

Just a question, do you post when you break up? I'm cynical.

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Silas Reinagel said...

I was just thinking about this very phenomenon on Tuesday night. I recently started a new relationship and the very next day at a social event, not 24 hours after asking her out, I was surprised to have several people offer me congratulations upon walking into the room. Later, I asked one of my friends how he knew that I was in a relationship, since I had only told two people about it, and he told me that he had seen my now-girlfriend's status change on Facebook.

While I can't say that it especially bothered me, I also will say that I'm not especially pleased. The widespread nature of Facebook almost seems to trivialize important events. When everyone finds out things on Facebook, it makes personal connection, conversation and keeping in touch with a real person, all less important.

Of course, having a Facebook update to simply convey a new relationship status doesn't bother me even half as much as it does when someone asks another person out over Facebook. To me, that seems about as disconnected and impersonal as you can get. But, maybe I'm just biased...