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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Resolution Time AGAIN??? !!!!!!

Well, I lost 10 lbs last year, that's good.

Other than that, things didn't go very well with my New Year's Resolutions.

I've decided to reflect on what's important to me...

1. I'm starting to write more about other things, chiefly music. I've got some research projects on the back burner. I lost the tape recorder I was going to use for interviews, but it won't take much to buy another. My plan is to get interviews with some key people and be published in music journals--perhaps get my own column writing reviews.

2. Learn to play guitar left handed because I'm still having too many problems after shoulder surgery to the right side to strum well.

3. Set some of my poems to music. Yes, I write poetry. I used to a long time ago, and now I've decided they might be good for song lyrics.

4. After that I will start a band. ;) World domination is just around the corner. I'm kidding, people--about world domination anyway.

5. Keep going to church. No matter what. I will leave the Bible in a year and the other loftier goals to those more spiritual. This is where I am now and I accept that about my spiritual life.

6. Lose weight. I know, everyone says that for the new year, but now I'm really cutting back. 10 lbs is a good start. I can't rely on exercise at all. After a head injury which also messed up my neck, a car accident which messed up my next even worse, several left ankle sprains, and shoulder surgery exercise is basically unreliable.

7. Stop listening to love advice. It's all basically crap really. If people don't like me for who I am, I will show them the door. End of story. I'd heard from people that I didn't have someone in my life because I was too busy with music things and if I just rfocused on finding a relationship, that I would. That's not what happened. The last advice I ever took on this matter came from my cousin who married at 38. "It will happen when it happens." Amen, cousin, amen.

8. I'm not going to take bad dates with people I hope I might like. I am not dating anyone for now, so there is nothing to write about on that front. Right now, I'm more absorbed in music. Particularly Post-punk from 1978-1984--especially Echo & the Bunnymen. It almost seems that my affections are better spent on them. Also, it's really lovely if you think Christians shouldn't listen to "that kind of music". If you like Third Day or whatever Christian band is out right now...good for you. If you think that listening to Christian music is going to help me find a Christian boyfriend (Marky Mark), please know that I used to DJ a Christian radio show and I didn't have a boyfriend then either. (See #7)

So, what are some of yours?


Christian Dude said...

Good luck on your resolutions!!

How do you plan on losing weight without exercise though?

SavvyD said...

I said this:

now I'm really cutting back.

I think cutting back it the real key. Mainly it's just looking for things with the lowest calorie counts, etc. Nothing overly strict.

The sprained ankle is worse than I thought. It still hurts pretty badly. I can possibly do some situps and leg lifts. The right shoulder problems also limit me.

tannen said...

Hi Savvy,

Happy New Year!

5. Good, keep doing that. It's hard sometimes to keep on, but persevere. I know I'm lloking for a church closer to home and it's nothe thifirst thing I want to do some Sunday mornings. the Bible in a year is not that hard. Try following a one year lectionary from any liturgical church. That should make it easier.

6. You might try swinmming or some aquafit type classes. It's gentle on the body but you can work out as hard as you like.

7. What's wrong with your cousin's advice? That's where I'm at, although I really don't make too much of an effort. Don't even honour your dating books with a bonfire, just recycle them. The Christian's ultimate worth isn't derived from their marital status, but by God's love for us. Please remember that.

8. Don't refuse dates unless you really aren't into the person. Just go into it with low expectations, you might enjoy yourself more. Keep up with the post punk, and don't worry about Christian Muzak. You'll learn more form the post punk. I'm starting to think that CCM is a distinctly American phenomenon, and would not be as lame somewhere else. BUT, look up Ressurection Band from the 70's and 80's...awesome rock and roll by people who lived hard lives but were rescued by the Lord. still my alltime favourite Christian band. Songs like 'Awaiting your Reply" never get old.

As far as 80's stuff, Check out Killing Joke:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XKLdLet6Pk Great tune, weird video but that's what makes it so good!
Also look up the Chameleons and "Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers".

Gotta go, God bless.

SavvyD said...

Ha hahahaha! You must be new to my blog. I have been accused of not being choosy enough, LOL!!

There was nothing wrong with my cousin's advice. It was perfect. I explain that in another entry. That's why it's the last advice I will hear on the matter.

Shoulder surgery makes even aqua aerobics problematic.

The dating book bonfire isn't about the books, it will be about bonding with others. :)

SavvyD said...

Tannen left me a novel. I listen to post-punk and arty stuff...I used to sing classical music and still do. There are single guys out there somewhere who are interested in that. And often, those guys have been dismissive of what I do...my ex-fiance said my singing wasn't his taste. He couldn't even say I did a good job. I don't mind different interests, but I dooo mind being put down.

SavvyD said...

Tannen's novel:

Lost your email addy because I had to cut and paste to not publish it. You are welcome to write me at SavvySingleChristian@yahoo.com

Well, I don't come by much, but I did leave a post or two a couplo months back on 80's music. So I've gone through maybe 30% of your material.

Maybe I should read the other 70% to get a fuller picture of your situation but I haven't had the time. What I have read is that you've had legions of sad, weird and unfulfilling dating experiences. I can see why you'd be exasperated by the whole farce of the non denominational protestant singles morass. Now I'm no expert, but sometimes I notice you are
a little dismissive of men who are less cultured than you are. As your profession is highly "cultured" relative to the rest of Evangelica Americana, there are probably few men that are at your level in this respect. And probably even less in the denominations you may frequent. So what to do.... I won't offer dating advice, I don't know how.....but just some just food for thought.

Sorry I'm going to get a bit serious here (maybe too serious for your blog ;-). I believe that much of the shameful legalism sprayed by the firehose of Christian dating advice at unmarried christians comes out of a misguided and faulty view of our relationship to God as sinners, and the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. Paul's advice is used as a cudgel to smash single believers into a hole of guilt and self pity over their non/not yet marriedness. The context of the Church to which Paul wrote this advice, plus the legal positions of males and females, citizens and non citizens, especially Jews, within the Roman Empire at the time is totally ignored.

2 Cor.5:16-21 esp. (18 & 19) and Eph 3:1-12 show a far loftier purpose for believers, single or married. To work with Christ in reconciling the world BACK to Him. The possible ways to do this are infinite according to each believer's gifts, temperaments, and place in life.

That means that ALL believers are to be valued in this endeavour, all have equal value (firstly because we're all crated in God's IMAGE), and all have a role to play. Paul seems to grant the believer much more leeway regarding marriage based on the prevailing social and religious conditions of the time than evangelica can admit. This is actually a much bigger

responsibility regarding the world than simply trying to find a great Christian wo/man. I

know there's much more to this but maybe it's something to think about in your dating adventures.

I know that it's hard sometimes to think of the profound, I know I don't all the time.

However, when I stop and think soberly about what I really should be looking for in a mate,
I need to carefully consider what we are to do as a couple apart from having a perfect evangelical family with three SUV's, epublican Party memberships (Well I'm lready
disqualified from this as I'm Canadian), effortless wealth, an eight bedroom house etc.

How should I live as a single, and why? Is it really about marriage, and desiring it above all else? Does marriage make a believer more worthy before God than remaining single? Of course not!

End of seriousness ;-) God bless!

SavvyD said...

And in further response, 50 years ago, marriage was a given. I think part of our "struggle" is learning to accept a modern culture in which it is no longer a given. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with desiring a relationship and relationships used to lead to marriage. Now these relationships do not lead to marriage, or they often do not occur at all. I might not mind so much except the fact that I have had many offers for sex without the relationship--something which I say no to.