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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Great Dating Book Bonfire

I've said this is the year I will no longer accept dating advice. In that spirit, I've decided I might like to take all of my dating books to a bonfire I've been invited to and use them as kindling. I've read every last one from cover to cover and done exactly what they said. I made a list, then threw out the list; I followed the Rules, then broke the Rules. I didn't kiss, then I kissed. I've said yes to people I wouldn't normally say yes to because a book said I should. I kissed dating goodbye because a book said I should. I probably said no to people I should have said yes to.

In all, I've spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours. And all for what?


My cousin spoke the last words that I will ever hear on the matter:

It will happen when it happens.

There is no push to make yourself perfect by doing this, doing that, saying a prayer or taking a potion. There is no command to be faithful, be perfect--or else it might not happen. There is dash of fate and trust for the Lord. Trust God, make some friends. Voila! I'm done.

Sadly, this is being postponed due to weather. But I will keep you posted.

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child of God said...

I have stopped buying books in general, making use of the library instead. It has cut down on me reading dating books - something about having someone see that I am yet again (still) trying to get a date.

SavvyD said...

so funny, child of God! I actually met someone in the self-help section once. We went out on a nice date, but I didn't feel completely comfortable. It's unfortunate, because he was a nice guy. Makes me realize I often just didn't know what I was doing.

Anonymous said...

You should try having the men of your church lay hands on you. If that doesn't get things moving, I don't know what will.

SavvyD said...

Well, Prof Hale, I will only allow a man who I'm involved with already lay hands on me. ;) Oh, you meant in prayer. ???

Lissa said...

So right. Sometimes the hardest advice is taking advice. I needed to hear that. I have a tendency to keep looking and go for what I want, when I really should just enjoy life and be happy with whatever God decides to send or not send me. Easier said than done, but thanks for the encouragement!

Mandy B said...

Very good thoughts. You should write a book about this. Hah. All kidding aside, it is so true.

Saw you on 20-Something Bloggers. :)

lisa said...

Cheers to you! I gave up those books a while ago. I'm sure they do help someone, but after I read, "Get Married" and nothing happened, I realized I was spending waay too much reading, and not enough time praying... (BTW love the laying of hands comment. lol)