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Monday, January 25, 2010


In November of '07 a guy who went to my same high school wrote to me to say hello. I can't find the initial email he sent to me, but I found my response. I'm guessing he said something about friendship and maybe more.

So you were at xxHS a few years before me. You know I'm going to dig out my brother's yearbook and see if I can find you LOL!! Anything good should start out as friends anyway and I'm not keen on moving fast myself. It's always good to have friends. :) --Savvy 11/07

Here is his email to me from 12/08:
So did you ever find that year book and look me up?
How come your profile doesn't have an updated picture? lol --Yearbook

Wow, It's been so long that I forgot!! what have you been up to? --Savvy

I like the picture of you and Kermit. I wish I could see more of you. Maybe you have more pictures you'd like to share with me? Are you involved with someone now? Could it be a world famous, little green fuzzy guy? How can I compete with that? I can tell you my arms arn't operated by little sticks... Lol --Yearbook

I thought that was funny. Also, I realized that I didn't really get what was going on when he initially wrote to me. I really like my Kermit picture. So I sent him one of me with Kermit, but facing the camera.
Oh, now I see...
Sure, I can send you one. Though it's only fair that you send something a little more recent as well. Just know that I have a thing for frogs staying their sweet selves. None of this turning into princes business. Princes are far too stuck on themselves. --Savvy

Wow, ur really cute!
Where do you live? Hopefully near by. Lol
I'm on my way to my sons soccer game, he plays for xxHS and I'm kinda late.
I have some pictures in my phone so if you want me to send you a couple call me and i'll forward them from the game. --Yearbook

Well, I can see we're off to a good start.
Thanks for the compliments. That made me smile. So I can't tell much from your pics, LOL, because they are are a bit blurry or silly. So, I just realized that I don't really know that much about you, so you'll have to fill me in. You have a son at xxHS, and are a frog trapped in the body of a prince. :)--Savvy

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