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Saturday, December 19, 2009

That's So Gay

I went to watch my friends ice skate this weekend and at the rink there was one of those roach coaches. The license plate said, "GAYCAFE."

Savvy: So if someone said "that's so gay" about the cafe, would that be alright?
GaCafe: Well, I guess in that case it would be appropriate.

He looked a little sheepish. I noticed there is a sign saying all their proceeds go to supporting Gay charities. That's super Gay. How about supporting other kinds of charities? That wouldn't be gay, I suppose. I mean, true, there are times when people go too far with things, but in LA?? If I'm driving down Santa Monica Boulevard and see two men holding hands, why can't I say "that's so gay"? I mean if it really IS, what's the problem? But no, we have an entire commercial campaign with posters and TV airtime.

A photo of a man with a handbag near West Hollywood...really, I'll bet he's gay. I have gaydar. Let me reiterate, this is WeHo.

So far the recommendation from these commercials is to insult back. How big of them.
* That’s so “jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence.” (Huh?)
* That’s so “cheerleader who like, can’t like, say smart stuff.” (Like, who cares.)
* That’s so “gamer guy who has more videogames than friends.” (Ouch?)

What if you are a gay gamer guy, gay cheerleader or gay jock? We are supposed to believe that saying That's so jock is somehow the same...except that we make fun of jocks all the time. Geology is real science, geography is called Rocks for Jocks because it's easier. The thing is, they can take it. If the jocks get mad, they are called gay.

And let's face it, these commercials are stupid--like the one chosen. It's not at all the same thing to say something is "so Emma & Julia". Is gay REALLY who you ARE? Or are you a "homosexual", "homo", "lesbo", "pitching for the other team", "dyke", "butch", "nancy boy", "pansy", "light in your loafers", "faggot", "fag", "art fag"...? In England cigarettes are fags but you can be "bent", a "bender", a "poof", a "poofter", a "hoofter", "Harry Hoofter" or be crowned "Queen of the May." In both the UK and the States a man can also be a "queer", "queen" or a "queenie." In Australia, you can be a "quince." There are even more terms than that which are far more graphic. But "gay" deserves an ad campaign??

Ultimately all this whining and crying about being called a name that was chosen for the group is, well, really GAY! So is making a t-shirt about it. How about you choose another from the plethora of terms?

Kids will always find a way to insult each other. Maybe it's not the word that's the problem. They'll find another word. Take away "retarded" and they call each other "special". In fact, I speak Spanish and usually Mexican kids don't say anything about anyone being "gay." They take the high road and call each other "mongol" or "maricon" Sweet, huh? ("Maricon" means "light in the loafers.")

If you don't get that this was supposed to be sarcastic, it's because you're special, an imbecile, an idiot, a moron or a mongol. (But I wouldn't call you "retarded" or a "retard", because that upsets people.)

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When kids were kids and insulted each other freely:

The truth is nothing has changed but the words.

I love comments!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It won't matter how many times they change the preferred descriptor of their activity. It is the underlying activity that is shameful, therefore, any word used to euphamistically describe it will also become shameful to the rest of the population.

Calling someone a jock or cheerleader just doesn't have the same bite" because people choose to do those things and are proud of their choices, so they are not offended when you notice their choice by labeling them with it.

Southpark did an interesting take on the use of the word "Fag" to mean anyone who was an asshole by behavior and not in any way related to sexual activity. As I recall, Motorcycle riders with exceptionally loud mufflers (and non-mufflers) were the beneficiaries of this label.