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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As the end of the year returns, I find myself reflecting on all the Ds I am or could be.

ChavvyD--If I visit the UK chavvy is bad. I will have to take care not to wear too much bling, any track suits or Burberry. It might be a good idea to stay away from the bad or "chavvy" parts of town. Chavs are what punks were--usually poor, working class and uneducated. (see illustration)

BunnyD--When I listen to Echo and the Bunnymen--which is alot lately.
PunkyD--When I listen to any punk or post-punk music--for scholarly study, of course.
GroovyD--When I listen to the Doors or Echo and the Bunnymen covering the Doors. Also when I go to see bands alot.
CurvyD--When I am feeling a little sexy.
PeevyD--When someone hits my pet peeve or I hit theirs.
SkankyD--If I were to start sleeping around...
HeavyD--When I need to lose a little weight or am in a serious mood.
BlabbyD--not a D I would like to be, but who I would be if I started telling people your secrets.
SlavvyD--If I were to visit Slovakia...
TrannyD--I dressed up as a man once for Halloween. I used mascara on my facial peach fuzz and voila! I got double takes and then people would start laughing. Pass on being a real tranny.
PiggyD--When dressed up as Miss Piggy this year for Halloween. It was fun.
Trage-D--When bad things happen.
NavvyD--When I worked in food service or retail as an unskilled laborer. Also chavvy..
DivvyD--When I am not very smart--another British slang term.
NervyD--When I am feeling brave.
CheekyD--When I am insolent or impudent.
ChevyD--When I chase after the wrong things.
MavvyD--When I am exceptionally skilled in any field like say blogging. Maven...
HeavenD--Sort of sounds like heavenly...I'd like to be more of that to other people. I mostly fall short

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