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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nobody to Love

"Do you need anybody? I just need someone to love." the Beatles, All You Need is Love

I went to a friends Halloween Party. He is a wonderful guy. He's very sensitive, artsy and creative. He's also very social and has many friends. I was shocked when after a few drinks and jello shots that his tongue was loosened to express disappointment over his single status.

Savvy: Woo hoo! Dressed like a pimp so you can show off your abs, hey?
Darren: That's right, rock solid.
Savvy: Yes, me too...underneath this marshmellow exterioir, I've got abs of steel.
Darren: I can't even get a date at church.
Savvy: What??
Darren: I try to tell the girls I'm not ugly.
Savvy: It's true, you're not that ugly.

I'm joking, people. He's really photogenic.

Darren: I'm creative, I can cook, I'm multi-talented, and a great kisser, too. Can't get a date at church.
Savvy: Are you serious?
Darren: Look what I do to get these rock hard abs.

He walked over to the stereo and turned on some music.
Darren: this is my ab workout music. Look.

I whisper to another girl.
Savvy: Is he serious?? He's a great guy. How can it be that someone who I hear so many good things about can't find someone?
Girl: We'll just have to help him find someone.
Savvy: I'll be on the lookout. He's really sweet. He showed up the help a girl move, he showed up to help another girl get her place ready for a party. I just don't get it.
Darren: Watch me!

He does even more difficult moves for his abs. We cheer him on.

The thing is, last time I tried to encourage someone to consider dating someone the question was, What about you, Savvy? You're single. Yes, it's true, I am. But the guy has to be interested in me. No one from church has asked me just yet. I guess we're all waiting for someone where the feeling is mutual.

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Anonymous said...

Christianity and Halloween do not mix. The man the article is about maybe is too nice and is therefore not appealing to the Western Woman, or he doesn't have a high income. Just my 2C.-Norm

SavvyD said...

possible, yet any of his projects could take off at any time and he would end up making loads. They are unique an original.

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't prove game I don't know what will. He is a typical beta. He's probably a nice guy, but he sounds like a real dork. Doing ab exercises at a party?

Anyways, two girls talking about what a nice guy he is and how it's a shame he's still single, yet neither mentions that they are attracted to him. Meanwhile, you are pining over that guy in Seattle who won't give you the time of day.

And I'll tell you something else. I'll bet anything that he wanted to date that girl he was helping to move. He's not just a good samaritan.

SavvyD said...

Anon--that was pretty comic. I am no longer pining. The girl I was talking to has a boyfriend and he was sitting right there. I'm not about to say anything about who I'm attracted to or not because it's the man who has to do something. He doesn't act interested in me, so I just do my thing. I might have been, but I can only sustain interest in someone who is interested back.

Anonymous said...

If you wait for a shy guy to say something, you'll be waiting a long time. I've been there (as the guy). If you like him, go up and throw it out there.

SavvyD said...

Well, friend, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, how are we to know if he's shy or just not interested? It looks the same. Staring at the shoes, looking around the room, no phone call, no request for a phone number...etc. When I've tried saying something, it hasn't usually worked out. I don't recommended it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps (if you like him) you should go the junior high route and send over an emissary to gauge his feelings for you.

SavvyD said...

The junior high route? Time to grow up and speak up, Shy Boy. People reading this blog are in their 20s and 30s. Perhaps some are in their 40s.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and be alone if you're too proud or shy to put yourself out there. Some guys just won't make the first move for the same reason you won't; a fear of rejection.

I don't really care whether you two hit it off or not. I'm just pointing out that if you like him, you might as well at least see indirectly if he likes you back.

SavvyD said...

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm neither too proud nor too shy. Back to the post where I said that disinterested and shy look the same. Girls making the first move still appear desperate. I'm not that either.

Anonymous said...

...Perhaps some are in their 40s.

(late 40's, but thanks for trying)

Anonymous said...

To women:
Shy = Beta = Weak

On an unconscious level, his shy behavior sickens her. That's why she claims that she is "not proud" and "not shy" but still refuses to ask him out. That's why she challenges his manhood by telling him to "grow up and speak up". Unless he does, she will continue to hold him in contempt.

SavvyD said...

It astounds me that Anon has missed the part where I said I'm not interested in him. I don't hold him "in contempt".

Even Morrissey sang "shyness can stop you from doing the things in life you'd like to."

Christian Dude said...

I truly LOL-ed when you wrote that he walked over to his stereo and started doing his abdominal exercises. For some *odd* reason, I envisioned Darren to be bald and wearing a loose-fitting silk shirt...

Nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out, but I have a feeling girls tend to enjoy being pursued. While I would consider myself to be somewhat shy, I never let that fear/shyness prevent me from asking a girl out. If she turns me down, that's ok, because my self-worth isn't based on what someone else thinks of me anyways.

Just started following your blog and I'm really enjoying it!

SavvyD said...

He's not middle aged at all. He's in his 30s and attractive. He mentioned finding a date in a girl who "isn't my regular type." It's about time. Type isn't everything, guys.