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Friday, November 27, 2009

Drinking and Texting Don't Mix

A guy I met at church was at a party with me. It made sense since it was a party hosted by people from church. We chatted in the kitchen where he held a glass of wine. I've basically forgotten what he's told me about himself. So I have to ask again and rediscover that he does something with computers.

Savvy: Hey, so, how have you been?
Techie: Doing pretty well.
Savvy: Awesome. Have you been here long?
Techie: Since 9 or so. I came out with a group of friends and we celebrated my birthday before coming over.
Savvy: Wow, it's your birthday? Happy birthday.
Techie: I'm 36.
Savvy: Perfect age.
Techie: Though I'm worried since the cutoff age for the young adult group is 35, so now I'm officially old.
Savvy: Oh, no! Well, what are they going to do with us if we reach that age and still haven't met anyone? Kick us all out?
Techie: No, but we aren't supposed to go on any of the trips.
Savvy: If you're really worried about it, you could just start asking all of us out and see who says yes.
I touch his arm to let him know I would say yes.
Savvy: So, are you on Facebook?
Techie: Yes.

I ask him his last name 3 times to no avail. It's too loud.
Techie: Um, why don't I text you with my last name.
Savvy: Sweet. OK.

As is the way of parties, we end up splitting up and I talk to a guy friend.

Savvy: I was just talking to this guy who is worried about having aged out of the group. I told him he should just ask us all out to see who says yes.
Friend: Um, that might be a seriously bad idea.
Savvy: Whatever, might actually motivate some of these guys to actually ask out some of these gorgeous women.
Friend: Yeah, but that's sort of creepy.
Savvy: Nah. What are the chances he'll actually do it?

I go sit on a couch and who do I find but Techie.

Techie: Oh, here. Have a seat.
Savvy: Thanks. I'm getting kind of tired and thinking about going home. Hey, why don't we take a picture?
I flip out my camera and after numerous attempts at taking our own picture, finally come up with two to choose from that aren't blurry or completely off. My arms are too short. He hugs me really tightly.
Techie: I think I had too much wine.
Savvy: Oh no! You aren't driving home are you?
Techie: No, someone else drove. I'm waiting for them to be ready to go.

Hello, my name is Savvy and I just gave my phone number to a guy who won't remember to text me. And that's basically what happened. Part ineptitude and part shyness without wine, there was no text message. Now I know what a friend meant by saying that she's had guys from church flirt with her without following through. Hmmm. well, at least I'm making some friends.

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plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Haha, very good. Like what you're doing here. The Christian angle gives it a bit of originality, makes you stand out from the crowd.
I found you in the Coffee Shop and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Kate said...

Ha ha drunken texting is the worst (Saying from bitter experience) I like your blog I enjoyed reading

Kate xx

Princess T said...

Haha men!

Love the blog!

The Invisible Seductress said...

I will follow yoooouuuuuuu! Singing cause I'm a goober and in a good mood. Maybe some of your disasters could marry some of mine and we could get great dating achievements as spawns!!!! Or not.....But knowing someone else is fumbling through dating hurricanes helps! Smile!! Good luck!!!!