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Monday, November 16, 2009

Conspiracy Theories...People are Strange

I attended a party with some friends on Friday evening. Parking in downtown is fairly awful when there is an event. A lot that is normally $7 goes for $20 just because of a Lakers game or other event. A little further and a spot can be found for $5. A little walking never hurt anyone. Once there, I found myself involved in a conversation about conspiracy theories--most of which was me listening and getting more stories. Some if it was rather tasteless musing about Disney being in the Illuminati and purposely corrupting children.

Some of the conversation involved Switchfoot since I just saw them at the Roxy. However, People Are Strange by the Doors fits perfectly. It is beautifully covered here by Echo & the Bunnymen. Please press play while reading the rest.

Savvy: So what do you think of a band like Switchfoot? I mean, they're Christian but they don't preach at people with their lyrics.
Theory: There's power in the name of the Lord.
Savvy: I agree, but they are singing about the things of God, like that His love is like a symphony and praiseworthy things. That alone can make people look for more. I know that happened for me with listening to really early U2. I wanted to know what they were singing about but it was never Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
Theory: Yes, but in order to make it on that level, the bands get involved in some sort of Satan worship.
Savvy: Oh really?
Theory: remember that thing with Taylor Swift? that idea of putting someone down and then building them up is a Satanic ritual.
Savvy: Oh?
Theory: And then Jack Black had that prayer to Satan?
Savvy: That was pretty outrageous.
Theory: The whole record industry is Satanic.
Savvy: How so?
Theory: Do you know who Aliester Crowley is?
Savvy: I've heard the name.
Theory: He wrote a book about Satanism.
Savvy: Oh yeah, that guy. Led Zep, Ozzy, etc.
Theory: What does God's law say?
Savvy: Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul? Which one do you want?
Theory: All those are great. But Crowley said the law is, "Do what thou wilt."
Savvy: I see. Very different.
Theory: He is one of the most influential people in rock and some bands lifted lyrics right out of his book. People used to come and live at his old house--Led Zeppelin.
Savvy: Sure, but just as many don't. I refer to Switchfoot again.
Theory: There is still power in declaring the name of the Lord. In order to be as popular as they were, they have to do something.

Doubtful. Yes, Ozzy, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison and even the Beatles admired the Crowley guy, but that can't be said about everyone. Bands that fall in line with what is requested and keep getting hits don't get dropped from their labels. In Crowley's picture at Wikipedia, his photographed attempt to look majestic is actually laughably ridiculous. Why some rock bands have paid homage to the guy, I'll never know.

He went on and on. Disney is trying to corrupt children with drawing phallic symbols in their cartoons, etc. Check Snopes.com But then, even Muslims are concerned. He showed me a trick with a $5, $10, and $20 bills which seem to show images of both the Pentagon and the Twin Towers going up in smoke. That one was really wild and can be found at www.FoldMoney.com

But after awhile, it becomes a useless exercise in everything being suspicious. After awhile I found myself thinking, "You have got to be kidding" while at the same time thinking, "What a bunch of hooey!" These are the same people who think they can see Satan's image in the smoke rising from the World Trade Center or the face of Jesus in a slice of toast. Is every sky scraper really a phallic symbol? Seriously folks? Even Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

He showed me cell phone pictures of chem trails in the sky and said the government fills these chemtrails from jets with chemicals to control the people. The USPS issued stamps with chemical trails on them--however people who think that have never studied the atmosphere and I have. It's ludicrous to think that a cirrus cloud could be created so easily by man-made means when it's in the upper, upper atmosphere. The Germans used flouride to control the prisoners in the camps and now everyone drinks Flouridated water. He expressed concern over the use of ancient symbols. These symbols are basically dead without followers. The last event I went to at a Masonic lodge was a service for someone who had died. The Masons I spoke to were concerned that their organization was aging and dying because so few people join fraternal orders nowadays. The Christian cross means nothing without followers.

But I found my mouth actually asking for more. It was great entertainment. Though not as good as Switchfoot. John Foreman says something significant at 1:40 and then the song begins.

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Anonymous said...

I was once cornered by such a person at a funeral. What I noticed about him most was an almost ADHD need to tell me about all of his conspiracies, jumping from one to another unrelated "secrets", before I would lose interest. Very similar to your own encounter. My brain is too old, I can't follow a confersation like that. I need linear structure. One point at a time. Make your best case. Wait for my question. Answer my question.

It is one thing to believe in one conspiracy, but I noticed that "conspiracy people" tend to believe them all. If you ever listen to Coast to Coast AM, you will see a bit of this. Every conspiracy is given full faith, even when they are self contradictory, or contradict the previous caller's conspiracy.

I think is may be a chemical imballance.

SavvyD said...

Yes, I wondered if he was all there upstairs and was kid of glad he didn't ask for my phone number. Hanging on every word and asking for more stories can have quite an effect on someone. LOL

Buffalo Bill said...

I enjoyed your blog. I have been a Freemason now for just over 2 years and in that short time I have heard them all. Several times I have been cornered by someone who spotted my ring and just had to tell me how much they knew about an organization they they don't even belong to. The best part was when I attempted to correct some misinformation the speaker had relayed to me, he just blinked and told me I was not high enough in the organization and its the 33rds who are pulling all the strings.
Being in IT and a rather curious person, I studied Freemasonry for over a year before deciding to join. From my perspective Freemasonry is not aging and dying, on the contrary, in some areas it's growing.
The conspiracy nuts online are even more entertaining. Should you ever need a good laugh, find your way into the alt.Freemason news group and read what is posted there. Most of the best stuff is always cross posted to alt.slack and alt.conspiracy.

SavvyD said...

Thanks for stopping by Bufflo Bill. I think some people are naturally suspicious of fraternal organizations because one must be invited to join. Just because it's a secret doesn't mean you can't be invited to join. Perhaps it was more of an issue for that particular order in a more suburban location. And just because Aliester Crowley was a mason, doesn't mean all masons are bad news.

Anonymous said...

The best part was when I attempted to correct some misinformation the speaker had relayed to me,...

You WOULD say that. You are a part of it and need to help cover it up.

SavvyD said...

Oh dear, I didn't know I was being controversial!