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Monday, August 3, 2009

So There Are Men at Church

Lots of them. And sometimes they seem to show an interest in me. I was definitely looking at this guy when I thought he wasn't looking. I picked my seat near this guy on purpose. I've always had a thing for red hair. Listening to a speaker at a back table my temptation is always the same: Make snide comments to make people laugh--including about Red's name..

Speaker: Fame changes people. I mean we can blame the paparazzi in part, but Tom Cruise lives and isolated and disturbing life.
Savvy: He's a disturbing man.

The people at my table snickered their approval.
Savvy: I'm sorry.

The speaker told us he was from Staten Island.
Savvy: Wait. They let people off that island? I lived in New York for two years and never even made it there.
More snickering.

After the talk, I looked at the man I had met and asked him:
Savvy: So what is it you do in this whole mess.
Red: I am an administrative assistant at a pool construction company.
Sav: I get the feeling that you do far more.
Red: You're right, I do.
Sav: Sounds like time for a new title and a raise--something like Right Hand Man.
Red: Yeah, well they haven't changed it yet. And you?
Sav: Oh, me. Well, I used to teach music, but I don't want to go back to teaching. So I'm going to go back to school and take paralegal classes.
Red: Why law? To make money?
Sav: Well, the thought crossed my mind. Most people exist in a state of ignorant bliss and I realized a need to educate myself.
Red: My boss has been asking me to do paralegal stuff. Sometimes he's been called in to answer to whether or not the pool construction or design was a factor in the accident. I already have enough at work.
Sav: So like an expert witness. Hmm.
Red: Can I get your email address and if my boss is looking for someone I'll let you know. Plus, I've really enjoyed connecting with you and I'd like to connect with you again sometime.
Sav: Sounds good to me.

Is that what they call it now? I gave him my email address and my phone number. After all, it was business, right? A nice red-haired guy from church? Who could resist? Everybody loves a red-haired boy.

He's not Seattle, but Seattle isn't here. And yes, it crossed my mind, if he could be interested, why not Seattle?

I love comments!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

i totally do the same thing. i try to control the snarky comments, but they usually just eek out of my mouth.

and on the upside, you TOTALLY connected with someone. amazing. networking and making new friends is fun. at least i think so.

SavvyD said...

Snarky is fun.