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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seattle Sunday

I ended up talking to a friend I met through Seattle

Shaft: So, wow, Jerry's really going crazy running around.
Savvy: Yeah, he's all over the place. It's like he's missing Seattle.
Shaft: Yes, he did have quite a presence. He would just stand there in his friendly way and everyone would come up to him.
Savvy: Hard to miss a guy who's that tall.
Shaft: Really...
Savvy: It's like he had this gravity.
Shaft: Did you have a secret crush on him?

Savvy: Um, hey so what did you think of the service?
Shaft: You did! If you had just said no, but you tried to change the subject.
Savvy: OK. It's not exactly a secret.
Shaft: Does he know?
Savvy: Yes, he knows. Did you ever wonder about how I just arrived on the scene and there I was at his party? It's because I said something.
Shaft: Ah ha!
Savvy: I'm supposed to go up and visit, but I don't know.
Shaft: Wait, he invited you to the party and then you have an invitation to go up there?
Savvy: Um, yes. But his sister was involved in that too. He wrote to me, but I wrote to him first.
Shaft: All you have to do is show up. If he weren't interested at all, you wouldn't have an invitation.
Savvy: I've had other offers, but I really liked him. I'm so tired of men treating me badly I mean, I understand where he's coming from. My dad worked in aerospace.
Shaft: I see the connection.
Savvy: I don't know, the whole thing is really weird with him so far away and it just seems like he would take it very seriously.
Shaft: That's how guys are when they aren't really experienced. He'll definitely treat you right.
Savvy: Maybe you can put in a good word for me.
Shaft: You don't need it. Show up. He'll look around and then look right at you.

What he said gave me hope but it is balanced by panic. Another person knows. Sometimes it seems the walls are closing in.

I love comments!


BeltainAmerica said...

Just go and have fun...

See what happens...

Anonymous said...

well, usually we are not as subtle as we think we are. which is a good thing and a bad thing.

but, look at the bright side! this other guy, who KNOWS seattle, is telling you exactly what you need to do. he's given you the big thumbs up. go for it!!

and as far as the traffic thing, i didn't get that much until i opened my blog up to my real world. i put the link up on facebook and on twitter. i really wish i'd get a comment for every hit, but not so much. it's been more since my delurking call, though, and that's been nice.

RhodeIsland Alissa said...

Sometimes I feel like other people give us false hope, but then other times i feel like they see some sort of real hope that I can see and I dive right into things. If that makes sense... maybe.

SavvyD said...

A few people in the "real" world know about it. Some still read it. But if I were to date someone from the group or even just write about liking someone then it would become a serious issue. Also, I've included too many details and there is no question about who this is.