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Friday, August 7, 2009

Prayer and Facebook about Seattle

Yes, it still happens. I uploaded a CD into my computer and as I put it away, it said Seattle. What? I went to do a mystery shop at a car dealership and got to know my "randomly selected" saleslady.

Dealer: I just moved, I've only been selling cars for three weeks.
Savvy: Where did you move from?
Dealer: Seattle. I really hated the weather.
Savvy: Umm, Seattle, huh? What brought you down here?
Dealer: Oh, you don't want to hear about me.
Savvy: Um, actually I do.
Dealer: I used to work in technology and then came down for a project I managed. I decided to stay and find something working with people.
Savvy: Big difference from tech.
Dealer: I was working for Boeing for a long time.
Savvy: Boeing? Um, wow. It's just that there's this guy up in Seattle. He just moved there and works for Boeing and it's just bizarre...

That's one word for it. Strange. Crazy. Unnatural. Far-fetched...

I decided to go up for prayer after the young adult group service. I told her about my "out-of-state" guy that I have feelings for and for not getting any of my classes for fall semester.

Sunny: So, what's his name?
Savvy: Oh, I'd rather not say.

She prayed a beautiful, uplifting and comforting prayer and we continued talking after about more frivolous pursuits.
Sunny: So what color is your nail polish?
Savvy: Just clear this time.
Sunny: Mine's candy apple red, only I'm wearing tenis, so you can't see my toesies.
Savvy: How cute! I should have used a color.

We were approached by a guy I met a few weeks ago...
Sparky: So, it seems we have a friend in common...
Savvy: It's quite possible.
Sparky: Remember Seattle's going away party?

A jolt of panic swept through me.
Savvy: Um, yeah.
Sparky: I was there...
Savvy: You were? I don't remember that. Did you shave your head after?
Sparky: Just kidding. I wasn't there. It's just that you're all over his Facebook page.
Savvy: Yeah, um, well, he was my first friend on Facebook. I mean Crackbook. Oh my God, I'm so addicted.
Sparky: And there's that picture of you guys at his party.
Savvy: Yep.

I had just learned how to tag photos and remove tags from pictures I didn't like.
Brilliant. I didn't realize it would end up on his page but I did hope that people would let it slide. No such luck. I deleted it when it posted on my wall hoping to keep this under the radar.
Sparky: And now he's moved out of state.
Sunny: He's gone and left us. We miss him.

I looked intently at her and she didn't remotely catch on. Phew. It's not every day you dodge a bullet by keeping a man's name secret. If I had said his name, the sense of panic would have overwhelmed me.
Savvy: So then, if you've seen me all over, why haven't you friended me? What's up with that? I'm going to feel so hurt.

Deflector shield on full!! Deploy mock tears!!
Sparky: You can friend me, too.
Savvy: Except, I don't know where to find you!
Sparky: I'm on his friend list.

He friended me the next morning. Posted on his wall:
Savvy: You beat me!

And then he sent me an email.
Sparky: what's the address of this uberpopular secret blog of yours?
Savvy: Sorry, Charlie. You won't be reading that anytime soon!

I didn't get away with it so easily on Sunday.

All these reminders make me wonder if he thinks about me.

(If you got the semi-pun with prayer and Facebook, you are brilliant.)

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Sanctum's Muse said...

Oh, I so know what it feels like to have a killer crush on a guy, only to have him pretty much disappear from my life. It stinks! Fortunately, God brought another wonderful man into my life, and we've been happily married for two years. I still think about the guy who got away, but I know that life is as it should be now, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Of course, you should keep praying. You never know...Seattle could really be the one! Life is full of wonderful surprises.

Anonymous said...

definitely seems like you've been meeting lots of other people because of seattle which is totally awesome. and it seems like they're constantly reminding you about ways they've seen you two together. which is fun. definitely fun.

SavvyD said...

vanover--I just wish it were happening to HIM! I mean, I would have him on my mind anyway. A friend is asking my why I'm waiting to visit and why not go more than once? I'm starting to wonder that myself. It's only under $200 to go up there right now.

SavvyD said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Savvy, I saw your post on my friend's blog so I followed your name. I'm really sorry you're having a tough time a match. I'm a female believer in Seattle, if you ever want to know more about what it's like up here or if you want me to stalk your guy for you haha just let me know ;) If you need to use me as an excuse to visit your sweetheart up here you're welcome to! I know this person up there anyway so.. Technically now it's the truth. God is slow sometimes & does whatever he wants. It can really frustrating and painful, I understand this too much. Everything will be ok Savvy. Hang in there, try not to worry.

SavvyD said...

Hey H, that's totally awesome. I'm doing OK keeping up with him on FB and through email but anything I really want to know, I'm sure he would tell me.

I've got a few blogger friends up north now and found a classmate through FB, and now you're one more. :)