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Friday, August 14, 2009

Married People Talk About Relationships Too Much

I am tired of hearing that I talk about dating too much; or that I talk about wanting a boyfriend too much. Here are anonymized snippets from (In Your) Facebook of married people who talk about their families/husbands/wives too much. It's freaking annoying.

* Such a classic beauty, I am truely blessed. (Posted with a pic of his wife)
* wondering how I landed such a beautiful and intelligent girl as my wife when I didn't deserve it?! (I knew him in high school, he really didn't.)
* Husband & I are drinking Sangria, Enamored & jazzin' out with our 2 cats after our son's bedtime. Bless you all! (sounds like a great evening.)
* is a lucky girl. Went out with a friend tonight and came back to new shelves. Hurrah for Husband!
* Kid # 3 came home sick from church camp with a sore throat.. :( workin on gettin her better.
* so happy my Husband wanted to go out on a dinner date tonight ♥
* watching my daughter trying out for softball. MAN these 10 year olds can play!!!!!
* all is good now! Girls are doing a spend the night with a friends, boys have been down for 3 hours. Outside, having a glass of wine with the wife listening to Pandora radio on an iPhone, gotta love technology!!
* Just had dinner, well wine and cheese (fabulous cheese), with my love out on the deck. Kids playing at the neighbors...Just us talking, watching the sun go down. Life is beautiful.....
* Stoked 4 weekend.. Kids off to Church Camp.. Hubby's Bday Today!! Happy Birthday Babe.. YOur Amazing to me.. !!!
* is gonna hang with my sister and kids at my mom's pool!
* is celebrating her daughter!! happy birthday to my golden baby....7 years old!!
* riddle me this.....if I'm so loud, why can't my kids ever hear me??? (funniest ever)

And then, of course, there are the pictures, pictures, pictures.


I much prefer the generic:

* Had a great dinner out.
* All packed and ready to go to Napa tomorrow ! Yeah!
(we can guess that those involve husbands. We get it. We're single, not stupid.)

But it's not all fun and games:

* Just wondering if anything else can go wrong? AC broke, dishwasher broke, gas leak in main line, wasp nest in bathroom exhaust fan, 2 broken sprinklers, swingset broke, son is having some issue with his foot, cramps or something, jury duty. I am sure I am missing something!!! REALLY?!
* Wife just called and said they also found a leak in the sewer line! I am so done! Anybody want a 1929 Spanish style? Needs work!!!!! ;)

At least there's balance to it.

I love comments!


BeltainAmerica said...

Perhaps they are simply trying to convince themselves how wonderful the relationship is before the hammer of divorce falls.

I had a good friend who used to constantly tell everyone how great his wife was etc. The whole time she was screwing a friend/business partner of thiers.

So you never really know.

SavvyD said...

Beltain, you big cynic! I read in a comment somewhere that you love your girlfriend but just don't tell her. You probably show her in a million ways, though.

Yeah, it might be true with some people. But others are happy.

Anonymous said...

i agree this kind of bragging/advertising about one's WONDERFUL AND SOOOOOOO BLESSED marriage is annoying as hell sometimes.
if people are just being thankful and sincere, its great, but FB has become a way to self-promote and try to convince oneself above all others how perfect one's life is.
there is a difference, people.

Ms. G said...

If all marriages were so happy and great, then we wouldn't have so many divorces. Marriage is obviously not all rainbows, smiles, and laughter.

Novaseeker said...

What I would say is that there is, when you are married, a *tremendous* amount of social pressure to be "the perfect, perfectly happy couple" in how we present ourselves to others. It's quite extraordinary, really, and very real. It also plays itself out in many areas, including children. Everyone projects the image of the perfect, wonderful, happy couple and then -- suddenly -- they are separated and getting divorced. It's just how it happens.

SavvyD said...

It's kind of like everything else. When immigrants come over here, they always write back home and say it's great. When potential actors come to LA, they all write back home and say it's all great.

So more people come out here.

The thing is, I grew up in a family where not everything was rosey all the time. I know it's not happy all the time.

SavvyD said...

Comment took the f-in cake:

Dear Lord.. Thank you for my Husband.. He is amazing!!! and Its all because of YOU!!

Some days I could scream.

SavvyD said...

And another one:

My baby girls growing up! 11 yrs old & she bought a dang dang cute blue jean mini skirt. We wear the same size clothes-bribed her with mani-pedi so I could wear it tonight. Boy did I open up Pandora's Box.

SavvyD said...

is thankful for sixteen years with x. There aren't better or finer than my girl.
They keep on rolling...

SavvyD said...

wonders if age 9.5 is standard for starting to give lip. 'Cause this is relatively new and really pissing me off!

So it's not all fun and games.

Anonymous said...

Savvy, I have a friend on Facebook whose sons are in the potty training stage. Her status updates are 'Dominic went in the potty, it's a great day!' 'Dom came to me saying he needs to potty!' or 'Dominic has gone 6 hours without wetting himself.'
Ugh...I really don't care. I get the ones you mention too, but not as much. I did that thing going around where you can see the stats of your friends. I have more single ones than married ones on FB. Hallelujah!