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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Important Stuff from Seattle

Hi Savvy,

Glad things are going well for you at the church and the volunteer work is going well.

I've been getting involved in X Church a bit more. I found their young adult group and they seem like nice people. It's pretty good size. Looking at a couple of other churches too.

Take care, keep up the good work, and get involved where you feel led.

This came at a time when I was in tears over not having heard from him in a week and a half. I went out dancing with friends and had several men approach me and be interested in me. The whole time I was thinking about him. When I arrived home, I checked my email. There was more to it, but this was the most important to me. I want to be with a man who speaks to me the way he does. It is so rare. It draws me like a bee to a flower. I just wish I knew if he were interested beyond that.

I love comments!


Anonymous said...

oh man. i know what that's like. somehow, i discovered this jewel of a man who is sweet and awesome and so much more. how in the world did this just get DUMPED in my lap? i have no idea, but seriously? i feel blessed. and so should you. :)

SavvyD said...

I would feel more blessed if he weren't so far away! Ooof Seattle! I should invite Anakin over at Biblical Manhood to come read this. He wrote some very interesting stuff over there about what things a Biblical Man should be all about and it isn't at all what the world says.

Welmer said...

California isn't that far, Savvy.

My folks live in CA (SF), and they come up here all the time. Granted, LA is a bit farther south, but it's still a short flight.

BTW, did the email go through?