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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Email from Seattle

Hi Savvy!

Things have been going well so far and I'm slowly getting things put together. Move-in day is this Friday into my new apartment.

Job's started a bit slow but it's always that way going into a new position. I'll be busy yet.

I'm very glad to hear the church is working out for you and that you're finding a faith community you feel comfortable with. I'm sure your musical talents and career experience will be a real blessing to the music ministry there and it's great you've found a way to serve. Keep at it

You might have heard but we've been getting scorching hot temperatures up here, well over 100 deg. And nobody has air conditioning in their homes. It's the news du jour up here.

Take Care,

Dear Seattle,

Slow is good... In a few months they won't even notice at what point they started referring to you as Super Genius and that the company's name has changed to yours. ;)

All this moving is an inspiration to get my stuff organized, things sorta slipped after the shoulder surgery. (Oh, ok, even before that.) Hey, now you can find those CDs you wanted for the trip. ;) Out here, it's the same old, same old. I was awakened by an earthquake---whee! Just a 3.7 in El Cajon--I always check the USGS website. Ironically, just last night I picked something up off the floor and hung it back up thinking it must have been an earthquake. Does that mean I made it happen? I feel so powerful. ;) I start paralegal classes at the end of the month. Might join up with one of the colleges jazz choirs for kicks.

Seattle has been in the news a little bit with that weather. No air conditioning! That really got me! I also heard about the "unStarbucks"--15th Ave. Coffee and Tea--that will be trying to have an actual coffee house with poetry readings and everything to compete with all those hip local joints.

Thanks so much for the sweet words of encouragement--it made me feel happy. I'll let you know how it goes. Have to figure out what I'm taking to a potluck thingie--too hot to cook-- unless I cook on the sidewalk...

Take care,

Proverbs 16:24
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.


I know those words of encouragement may seem like nothing in many ways, they seem like everything in other ways. Most guys don't talk this way. This really made me feel like he cares about me. I wish he were here just as a friend. Do girls really overlook awesome, gentlemanly guys like this?

I have some things I will be working on before I see him next, so I guess that's good. Those 30 lbs are haunting me about now. But there is still no promise of any kind. I am hoping and praying for a miracle and a bit nervous about how it will all play out in the end.

Stay tuned...I'm posting a bunch in the next few days to update you.

I love comments!


Anonymous said...

yes, yes girls DO overlook guys like that and no, no one knows why. it's ridiculous, i know.

and hon, don't sweat the small stuff. 30 lbs isn't going to drastically change what he thinks of you, for better or for worse. if he likes you, it's for YOU.

good luck with everything though!! can't wait to hear the updates!

SavvyD said...

He's gorgeous to me! And supernice! I need someone supernice.