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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Last Minute Man's Failed Attempt

I was waiting to go out with a guy (Beemer) when I got a call from another guy (Trainer) who is a personal trainer and was supposed to take me on a short hike after giving me a card and saying we should "hang out" sometime. I imagined I would be his weight loss project.
Trainer: I went hiking on Wednesday I should have called you. I can't believe I didn't.
Savvy: Stuff happens. (I had other plans anyway.)
Trainer: I know that this is an outside chance, but are you available tonight? The moon should be perfect for a late hike.
Savvy: I have plans--I'm a hot ticket.
Trainer: Oh well maybe another time, though it's going to have to wait until I get back from Mt. Whitney. I have to see all of my clients before I go.
Savvy: Take lots of pictures.

We said our goodbyes. I then got a text from Beemer.
Beemer: Let's reschedule. I'm wiped out.
Savvy: I drove all the way out here for you. Would coffee help?
Beemer: I'm taking a nap.

Riiight. A nap on a Friday night. I hate last minute cancellations...so I called Trainer back. He was still available.

I caught Trainer when he was coming home from REI. When I got to his place to go out he was standing outside, shirtless wearing tropical shorts. Nice view.

Train: I still haven't taken a shower.
Savvy: You smelled fine to me.
Train: It'll just take ten minutes. Why don't you come upstairs? You can meet my roommate, Bob.

Bob was a life-sized training dummy.
Train: Just make yourself at home and I'll be right out. TV doesn't work, but I have some movies.
Savvy: Wow, you have alot of books. I'll just read something. Oh, cool, coffee table books!

I picked up a book called 101 Scenic Drives hoping that one of them would be in Seattle. No such luck, though, there were some in Puget Sound and the Olympic Penninsula. He had a dart board so I decided to play darts. While I did that, I noticed some other books. A whole shelf was dedicated to titles like:
The Kama Sutra
The Joy of Sex
A Woman's Pleasure
The Art of Seduction

Oh my! Am I being seduced? I picked up The Art of Seduction and began to read. It was like a seduction cookbook. So that's what they do...

Over dinner, I asked
Savvy: Do you have kids?
Train: No, no kids.
Savvy: Me either. Have you ever been married?
Train: No, it's just that no one really impresses me.

Then how could I?

Train: I was dating a woman who was still doing whatever kinds of jobs, things that weren't really anything. I just can't see someone like that by my side.

And I just couldn't see someone by my side who swore as much as he did and seemed to have such a negative view of women. I would be next to be judged.

He told me what he was looking for in a woman:
1. Attraction--Someone who's attractive or at least someone I'm attracted to.
2. Sex--You have to have good sex. (Oh crap.)
3. Things in common--Someone who you like to do the same things and spend time together.

Savvy: I think that last one is the hardest to find.
Train: I think you're right, though I've had relationships where you have that but the sex is not that great. But then relationships where the sex was great but we didn't have anything in common.
Savvy: See, I was right.
Train: You are right. Wow, you're really cute.

There was something very boyish about the way he said it. He was being truthful there. It was also one of the only times during dinner that he made eye contact. Given the circumstances I did the only reasonable thing a girl could do...I ate the onions he left. After dinner, we took a ride on Mulholland Drive and stopped at a lookout point with a fabulous view of the city. He stood next to me at the fence.
Train: You're kind of aggressive.
Savvy: Me? How so?
Train: You called me.
Savvy: You gave me your card.
Train: I get the impression that you don't care about society's rules.
Savvy: What are society's rules?
Train: You're getting philosophical.
Savvy: Society has changed. All the rules have changed.
Train: There are still standard expectations.
Savvy: Are there?
Train: I guess you're right. Things are very different than say when we were kids.
Savvy: When I was a kid there were a few kids whose parents were getting divorced. Nowadays kids are in single parent and remarried even twice divorced homes. They're trying make sense of relationships that adults don't even understand. Sometimes I want to reach out to the city and hug all the hurting people.

I could see the city through my outstretched arms. Only Jesus can give a hug that big. I don't care about society's rules, but not the ones he thinks. He ran his fingers through my hair.

Train: Wow, you're really cute. Is it OK that I'm doing this?
Savvy: Yes.

He then kissed the crook of my elbow before moving up to my neck asking me if I liked what he was doing. I was starting not to.

Savvy: Let's go.
Train: OK. Where do you want to go?
Savvy: Keep going on Mulholland.
Train: We can stop at all of the lookouts.

So we did. Meanwhile I got a text from Beemer saying he was available as if I would wait around. Hah! Riiight. One of the lookouts was at a house where we wondered whose it was since it was so brightly lit. At the last one, there were some drunk people who weren't sure where they were going on what they were doing. We stayed in the car even after they left. He kissed me starting with my wrists.

Train: We're going to have to do body mapping on you.
Savvy: What's that?
Train: Everyone has a side that they like better, you tell me which way or which side you like it best.

So he did; touching me with the front and the back of his hand on my cheek, then my neck. As his hands crept slowly over time to delicately touching top edge of my dress, he asked:

Train: Where is your favorite place to be touched?
Savvy: Uh...
Train: Everyone has a favorite place.
Savvy: I don't know. We should go. It's getting late.

On the way back we talked about LA traffic and other things. I nervously played with his spare change during this turn of the conversation.
Train: You're really shy.
Savvy: Oh, you noticed.
Train: It's like you want to touch me, but you're holding back.
Savvy: I'm not shy socially, but I am with guys.
Train: Why is that?
Savvy: I...well, my friends say I should lie, but it comes across anyway. I've only ever been with one guy. I've had boyfriends and stuff, but...

I was supposed to wait until I got married.

Train: You can't go wrong if you follow your heart.

We parked back at his place.
Savvy: I need to use the bathroom before I go home.
Train: So, you need to use the bathroom, huh?
Savvy: Yes...

I really did. There was nowhere else to go at 1 am. While in the bathroom, I noticed a book called, "The Big O". I began to think, "The Big Oh No!" When I came out he was shirtless and had kicked his shoes off. He hugged and kissed me.

Train: Why don't you stay 10 more minutes?
Savvy: 10 more minutes?
Train: Only it's too bright in here. Let's sit on the couch.
Savvy: By computer light?
Train: I want to send you home with a massage since you are so nice.
Savvy: Um, OK.
Train: Sit on the floor.

He started massaging, then played with my hair and kissed the back of my neck; then went back to the massage. Then kissed the back of my neck again. His hands got a little more adventurous; running along the edge of my dress again.

Train: Is it OK that I'm touching you like this?
Savvy: (Giggling.) Actually it's not anymore. Maybe next time.
Train: Alright, then let's get you home. I'll walk you out.
Savvy: So are you going to take lots of pictures of your Mt. Whitney hike?
Train: You can find people's pictures on Facebook.

Seattle takes tons of pictures on his hikes and writes captions for them. I love his hiking pictures.

Train kissed me goodnight. I'm sure he was disappointed. I'm sure there won't really be a next time. Guys like him really don't have much use in their lives for girls like me. But there was on thing he said right...

You can't go wrong if you follow your heart.

My heart says Seattle. I cried most of the way home. Seattle and I have no promise, but I felt like I was cheating on him. Here's hoping that thee prayers of that lady I worked with have some effect, though I'm starting to run out of hope that I will have a future with anyone at all.

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Fran said...

You mentioned Seattle in one of your comments on my post "Say Hello & Say Goodbye". :o) Obviously your heart goes for him! Why not stop dating guys like Train and try to say hello to Seattle again?


SavvyD said...

Hi Fran, thanks for stopping by. I'm waiting to hear from him with baited breath. He just finished a road trip up to Seattle and I would love nothing better than to hear from him. I want to visit when he is settled in. I'm so afraid that I'm the only one with any feelings.

Fran said...

Totally understand. BTW, are you a writer? To me you already are.

SavvyD said...

Fran, thanks for the AWESOME compliment. I would consider myself a writer. I have had poetry and stories published, but some of the greatest writers never saw a dime--Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for instance.

SavvyD said...

The funny thing is these things really did happen, but they are slightly fictionalized at times to make a point or bring out contrasts.

Fran said...

Hi Savvy,

Sorry but I guess "see a dime" means "make money" or something? To me what a writer enjoys best is "being read". And I assume you do it, too. :o)

I dated some jerks, too. I have not have a happy ending/ beginning, but observing and being observed along the way was fun.

Thank you for the reply!

Best of luck!