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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I See Tall People like Seattle (with Short People)

Just last night I was thinking it was ridiculous that Seattle would like me "like that" since we might look ridiculous together. In the Sixth Sense, the kid looks very serious when he says, "I see dead people." Today, "I see tall people."

I saw a really tall man with a wife who is shorter even than I am. They had 3 children (The daughter is wearing the blue tank, then you see the tall man and in front of him is the wife, wearing a hat. I was wearing 2 inch wedges, so maybe I'm not really taller at 5'2" on a good day. But it gave me a little hope. A few days ago, I talked to a curmudgeony lady while I was doing a price audit. I was trying to find a way to connect with her so the work went faster. When we were looking at children's booster seats...

Savvy: I need a booster seat.
Lady: Do you have kids?
Savvy: No, I was thinking for me since I'm interested in a guy who is 6'7" or something.
Lady: Wow, that's a big difference.
Savvy: I know; and the cards are stacked against us because he's just moved up to Seattle.
Lday: Is he up there to work for Boeing?
Savvy: Yes, but he's from there. How did you guess that?
Lady: I met my husband there and he used to work for Boeing.
Savvy: Really?
Lady: We moved down here so he could work for Lockheed-Martin.
Savvy: Really? He was just working for them at Skunkworks, but he really wanted to work with Boeing because he wants to work on airplanes.
Lady: What a coincidence. Where did you meet?
Savvy: At church. He had been going there for 4 years, I wish I had met him 4 years ago.
Lady: It must be a really big church.
Savvy: It is, but I wasn't actually attending. I just wish I had been because maybe then we could have gotten to know each other rather than meeting just two weeks before he left.
Lady: Well, I will definitely pray for you guys.
Savvy: Really? That's awesome. It's just so complicated.
Lady: It sounds to me like you've already made up your mind. Follow your heart. Go up and see him.
Savvy: I will. I want to. I just want to give him time to settle in and to think about it. A good man is definitely worth moving for. And even though I only spent a very short amount of time with him, he treated me well and with respect. He's got a big heart and does his best to be a good Christian. I liked him right away and that's not really typical for me at all.
Lady: And I'll be praying.

For us? It was so sweet. I hope there is an us someday. I already feel completely anxious because I haven't heard anything but that he is there from his Facebook update. Not only do I see tall people, but I see Seattle every where. Seattle's Best, Pete's Coffee, Starbucks, America's got Talent in Seattle, Sleepless in Seattle...

I have yet to completely give up.

There they go...

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Kristen Arnold said...

Hey Savvy I am just looking for other Christian single women who love God and love to blog, I'm trying to get more ideas on how to expand my blogs reach. So I came across this blog in my search, and I have to say I like your style of always playing out convos in a script-like format. Very unique,

SavvyD said...

Thanks for the compliment. I would like to get all of this stuff together and actually write a script someday. I love movies. :)

Emily said...

Has he invited you to come up and visit him?

Fran said...

Hi Savvy,

I guess I know how you feel. For people/ladies who do not "normally" fall for guys, the feel you have for Seattle is quite typical: somewhat wondering, but always eager to see him, and a bit wondering and anxious to know what he thinks about you...

It is sweet anyway.

Best of luck!

SavvyD said...

Yes, Fran. I think it would have been nice to have let it run it's course naturally rather than saying something because he was leaving. I get the feeling he's slow about relationships.