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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Going Away Party

It's really almost humorous when you attend a Going Away Party for someone you don't know very well. We were at a loud retro bar that served Korean/Mexican tacos. We toasted with microbrew and danced when they threw on Michael Jackson. And then I was cornered with a question...

Guy: So, how do you know Seattle?
Savvy: Um, well, we met at church recently.
Guy1: Really? How recently.
Savvy: Two weeks ago.
Guy1: And you became friends that fast?
Savvy: Um, well, yes.
Guy1: So what's the connection between you two? I'm trying to figure it out.

Savvy: My dad used to work in aerospace and we started talking about that.
Guy1: Nice. Hmm...
Savvy: And I sort of let it slip that it was too bad he was leaving because I would totally go out with him.
Guy1: Awesome! Good for you! Well, let me just tell you, Seattle is a great guy. You couldn't have picked a nicer one. He's really smart and he has a great job.
Savvy: Yeah, well I figured I had nothing to lose by saying something.
Guy1: What we have been talking about at church kinda gets you thinking about things.
Savvy: I had someone laugh at me for passing up the chance to go to a party for a guy who is leaving instead of going to another dinner party to meet new guys. I'm totally fine with just being friends with Seattle, but I know that a good man would be worth moving for.
Guy1: You never know what might happen in the future.

I was there for a few hours and I didn't tell that to everyone. But I was the only face they didn't recognize as readily. But all say pretty much the same thing, he's a really great guy. I wouldn't have met him at all if he hadn't introduced himself to me. And then there I was. Should I have said anything to anyone and just let it go?

People were curious about me; wanting to know where I lived, what I did and where I had been going to church.
Savvy: Well, I stopped going because I had been through so much.
Guy1: So are you kinda back or are you back with a vengeance.
Savvy: I would say I'm back with a vengeance.
Guy1: Awesome.

The other guys and Seattle nodded in agreement.

There was some fun moments. It seemed as if there were a seat just waiting for me to sit in right next to him when I arrived. When we did talk, it was mostly about his work, church, poison oak stories, hiking and how he decided to make this move back to Seattle. He mentioned that he would be coming back through for Thanksgiving to visit family in San Diego. I thought of the time I almost went to UW in Seattle and how I might be up there waiting to meet him if things were different. And they all listened with rapt attention as I talked about what the girls discussed and they told me what the guys discussed the week before. They revealed that one of the questions that they guy had asked was why girls have not been sexually pure. The answer was that girls feel like they have to give sex to get love and guys feel like they are loving by having sex with a girl. And the married girls who were answering the questions revealed that they hadn't been sexually pure.

Guy2: But we want to know what the girls said...
Savvy: Well, I don't think I agree with the girls who feel that men and women can't be friends. I think they can, you just don't call them up and share every last thing with them or make them go shopping with you.
Guy2: Yeah, but why do girls get mad at us when we try to help them with their problems, because that's how we show that we care.
Savvy: well, I know that guys need a job and if it were me, I would just tell you I need you to listen or I need your help so that you know what your job is.
Guy3: Wow, you're so awesome, I would really appreciate that.

Ultimately those guys let my reason for being there slide with a wink and nothing directly spoken.

Guy2: It seems like everyone in LA who is a 10 is trying to find a 13 to date.
Savvy: I know exactly what you mean, being a ten myself, it is just so hard.
Guy3: Oh my God, you are so funny.
Savvy: Thank you.
Guy2: There are a lot of girls who really don't have a personality because they've been able to get through life on just a smile. I'm looking for a girl who has more substance.
Guy3: Exactly.
Savvy: Well, speaking on behalf of the gorgeous, I am seriously offended. It's really tough for us. How dare you laugh.

It was great to get to know people who want to glorify God in their lives. It was great talking to guys who really wanted to treat girls with respect as sisters in Christ. One of the guys talked about asking out a non-Christian girl and said he didn't go out with her again because he knows who he is, and even though she was attractive on many levels, he knows who he is and wants to be true to that. I think I understand.

In the end, I got much more out of the party than I expected. I bought Seattle a beer and told him he shouldn't have to pay for anything tonight. I let him talk to his friends who he had known longer than me. And yes, it is a little bit weird. I caught him looking at me a few times. Cute? Puzzling? Psycho? Could lose 30 lbs? What was he thinking? At the end of the evening, he walked me to my car and gave me a hug. Sometimes I wonder what possessed me when I told him that I would go out with him. I still would even though he's leaving. I could be faithful to someone, even though he was far away. I just don't know what he wants or if he would want that. I honestly can't believe that he doesn't have a girlfriend. You can all pray that I will be nominated for the position by his friends who found me cute, sweet, charming and maybe a little on the awesome side for being brave enough to say something to a friend who they esteem so highly. Perhaps I've earned the title of "cool chick." I am glad that I have known him for this short period of time because he has been a perfect gentleman and an example of the kind of man I want to be with. I seriously thought they didn't exist from what I have been told by so many people.


Learner said...


It is awesome to meet a great guy even if it is just to prove to yourself that they are out there :) I am glad you have found a church that seems to fit you and that you are "back with a vengance".

SavvyD said...

I thought you might like that. I had a sneaking suspicion I have had some blog friends praying for me. ;)