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Monday, July 13, 2009

Diarrhea of the Facebook

After over a year of getting Facebook invitations, I am finally on. I am "Friends" with my ex, Chris. He posts literally everything on it. Pictures of this, pictures of that, pictures with a belly dancer, in front of a Viagra sign, in an Elvis shirt, with a new girlfriend saying it was 5 days of heaven. Hey wait, some of those were the exact same things he did with me... Hello to the One Month Wonder. It's a short act filled with all of the same things--the same Elvis shirt, the same places and when he runs out, he has to find a new girl (or a Boo or a Juju). Maybe I shouldn't talk about him anymore either, even if it is relevant to another event...like 4th of July Envy...

Savvy: I have this friend who has an apartment with a great view of the city. They can kick it and watch all of the fireworks shows.
Seattle: Nice.
Savvy: I just can't seem to get an invitation.
Seattle: Why's that?
Savvy: Oh, maybe because he's my ex-boyfriend.
Seattle: Makes it tough.
Savvy: Well, we're friends, it's just that, well, you know how it is. When somethings end you are sad. When other things end you think it's totally OK. In this case, it was totally OK.

Dating TMI. Crap. Why did I tell him all of that? I guess to say I'm a cool girl and I try to be friends with my exes even though it's difficult.

Yes, I'm resisting the urge to post the following on his profile, How long will this one last?

I'm so glad we didn't last much longer, he's kind of, how you say in your language? Annoying? How you say...my family hated him?

I wonder if she knows he has herpes yet. Maybe she didn't care. Maybe I shouldn't care. Maybe I should just be happy that I didn't do much of anything with him and don't have it. Maybe I should be happy for him if he gets past being the One Month Wonder. Good luck. It's another long distance relationship.

But then, maybe when I go up there, I'll post pictures of me with Seattle all over the place in Seattle. Only that trip hasn't happened.

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SavvyD said...

No wonder Swing kept unfriending his ex-wife. You see waaaay too much of their personal lives.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

You probably should friend your exs on any social site if you think about all of these things. It is totally to much temptation for you to be nosy.

SavvyD said...

Yes, too true. I was hurt when we broke up, but seriously, I'm so ok with it. I don't think this one is going to end well for him. He makes me laugh, and if we had never dated I wouldn't know about his little quirks. He actually have a serious problem with anger.

PS, always click on read more! I just basically do a thumbnail. of what the story is about.)

Emily said...

Oh, wow. Chris sounds like a real winner. Can I have his number?

SavvyD said...

All yours. Just remember, deep, deep, deep down he's a nice Catholic boy.

Emily said...

A moron I went out with a few times tried to friend me after 10 years of no contact or friendship. He was mean, lushy and kind of abusive. Wonder why he thinks I would friend him.

SavvyD said...

I love how you start that last sentence: A moron I went out with...

we never really know until we go out with them...OK except sometimes.