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Monday, July 6, 2009

Anything Goes Sunday

I was poised to try a different church, but Coffee Bean Ice Blended Mocha in hand I was stopped at a red light. Going through it would lead me to one church, going on the freeway would lead me to the church where I met Seattle. I didn't think I would run into a soul I knew. I hate that. During the meet/greet time I talked to someone who also goes on Tuesday nights for the young adult fellowship. I told him that this is "Anything Goes Sunday" because most people go away on these 3 day weekends. O course I heard that idea from Stuff Christians Like. Sure enough, there were 3 testimonies and a female pastor leading. Whatever you feel about female pastors, the testimonies of God moving in people's lives was powerful. I wondered if someday that would be me up there, but I know my healing isn't complete. And while I thought I would be alone, I saw Seattle a few rows forward...

I did get to talk to him for a short while. He has so many people to say goodbye to. I decided to talk to some people at a table when he was headed there.

Savvy: Hey, look at you, you're in a suit. We should take your picture.
Guy4: Thanks, you look good yourself.
Savvy: Why thank you. I almost went somewhere else. I got a coffee and I was at the onramp but decided to go here. I had you guys pegged for 9:00 service.
Seattle: No way, the only time I ever do that is when my parents are in town and they want to go to a more traditional service.
Savvy: Cool. I totally thought I wouldn't know a soul.
Guy1: And then you did.

He made two thumbs up and pointed them toward Seattle. I about died. That's what I get for telling secrets.

Savvy: So does anyone go out for lunch after?
Seattle: I would but I really have to finish packing.
Guy1: I just want to shake your hand at this last hurrah.
Seattle: I'll be there on Tuesday.
Guy1: Yeah but it's your last Sunday.

We discussed various stages of packing/purging after Guy1 left. Let's just say I'm a big fan of last hurrahs. I went on too many to count when I lived in New York. I would have been rounding people up to go out. I bragged about cleaning up at Ghetto State Beach (Leaving out the lesbian comment.) He gave me cool points. I thought about bringing my guitar or lead sheets for songs I used to sing for the Christian Bonfire Night we are having. I don't really know the new ones. When he emailed me he mentioned it, in case I hadn't heard. It made me wonder if he looked around at the 4th of July party and wondered where I was. I think he will always remember me--at least as the cute/smart/funny/slightly psycho chick who threw caution into the wind and told him she liked him "like that."

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