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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Special Wedding

Many years ago when I was engaged, I had a very special friend. After quite some time of prayer, fasting, seeking signs and exploration; she felt that she was called to a life of consecrated service to the Lord. I remember being so surprised when she said she didn't think marriage and family was for her and that she wanted to become a nun. She saw a sign for her when she saw a white dove, the symbol for St. Teresa who established the Carmelite order. The white dove is depicted on the invitation. A mass will be given in honor of that event. I cried tears of joy for her because this is what she truly wanted for her life. Please click "read more" below to see the invitation.

A true calling of consecrated service to the Lord should be celebrated--no matter what your religious background. Please note that this looks EXACTLY like a wedding invitation. The additional card looks EXACTLY like a registry card.

PS I also have some really funny memories of her:
1. making her lie on the floor for warmups as part of her singing lessons. She was my first volunteer student and willingly did everything I asked.
2. Having fun singing along with the radio to Disco Saturday Night. We looooved disco.
3. Staying the night at her place and being awakened at 3:33 am to pray because that's the time when the devil is most active. Seriously, the devil is active all the time.
4. Going to a bridal shower/girls night out. There was a stripper and we prayed for forgiveness for our lustful thoughts in the parking lot before driving home.


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone just checking my blog on the tmobile g1 just to see if I like it. The view is great but the placement of the side bar with the controls on it is making my right thumb sore. Here's hoping they will fix that on the next generation of the phone.

SavvyD said...

I'm wondering how disappointed she will be that I am not married. But if I tell her that I'm still hoping to meet someone, I will have her praying for me all the time. A long time ago, she had a mass said for me. I know I'll have a major prayer warrior on my side.