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Friday, June 5, 2009

Lost Nerve, Please Call Savvy If Found

After all of that, nothing. No, really! We all are left wondering why a guy would up the stakes and then just drop things. Poof! Gone!

Doc: Well, it will happen when you least expect it...maybe it's where you meet them.
Sav: I WAS least expecting it. I went to a coffee place to work on my computer. We started talking about netbooks since we both had them.
Doc: Oh.
Sav: It's not like I went to a bar to meet men, I went to a coffee place to work.
Doc: Um...I don't know.

Yeah, none of us knows.

I think I like Adam's text the best.
Adam: Why would he hit on you and then not follow through?
I don't know. No one knows.

Savvy: Maybe I shouldn't have said all that stuff about just being friends and been surprized that he liked me.
Mike: If you killed it by saying that, then it should be dead.
Savvy: I guess you're right.
Mike: As long as you don't listen to my advice, I think you'll be fine.

Naughty Mike! He was telling me to go ahead and sleep with the guy after a few dates instead of telling him my "history" or saying I just wanted to wait for awhile.

Maybe it's because I'm living at home with my parents.
Maybe it's because I put off getting together on Tuesday.
Maybe it isn't about sex.
Maybe he met someone else.
Maybe he has a girlfriend.
Maybe he changed his mind.
Maybe that's as far as his nerve goes.
Maybe he just wanted to have sex.
Maybe he's never had sex.
Maybe he's Muslim and he doesn't want to be with a Christian.
Maybe he doesn't have as much money as before and feels bad.
Maybe he wanted to marry me right away and it scared him off.
Maybe he just broke up with someone.
Maybe he's a jerk.
Maybe we're going to be eternally single because we're all too damaged.
Maybe I'm the Ginnifer Goodwin character in He's Just Not That Into You.

As for Netbook, when he finds the nerve, I guess he'll let some girl know.
As for me, "When you least expect it" is a big fat 0.

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