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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Netbook Guy Continued

I've talked on the phone with the Netbook Guy a few times. The first time he was trying to play it cool.

Netbk: Hey there, Savvy?
Savvy: Heyyyy.
Netbk: I'm sitting at Borders and I was just calling some people trying to catch up.
Savvy: Yeah! I made the cut!

We talked about doing something on Tuesday because I thought I was going to be going down to where we met.
Netbk: I could always go up there...

Then I had to call him to let him know that I couldn't.

Savvy: So I'm going to have to take you up on that offer for you to come up here.
Netbk: I'll have to let you know how it goes with work. I can come in the morning but then I'd have to leave by 11:30.

Then he didn't call in the morning. I texted him and then he called:

Netbk: I can come in the afternoon, but I have work this evening so I would have to leave again.
Savvy: I would want you to be able to relax and not be in such a rush.
Netbk: I hope you don't take it personally. It's just that being a contractor with IT, they sometimes call at the last minute and need me to do stuff.
Savvy: Work is important. I wouldn't take it personally unless it happened all the time.
Netbk: You're kinda sexy, did you know that?
Savvy: Really?
Netbk: Yeah. I'm definitely interested.
Savvy: Really? Wow. I kinda thought we'd be friends and then I started to catch on that you might be interested in more.
Netbk: I'll check my calendar and pick out some times that I think might work.
Savvy: OK.

It was starting to sound important. Someone slipped a little love in the coffee! I later texted him.

Just so you know, I'm totally OK with you thinking I'm sexy.

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