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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coffee, the Netbook Guy and Love

I was sitting at a different coffee place than the one I usually go to. People came and went while I was there and then when one man disappeared, I noticed another man on his netbook. I thought he was really handsome, too. I can't help it, I have been know to notice a man every now and then. I also noticed his netbook...

Savvy: So, how do you like your netbook?
Netbk: I think it's good that it's so convenient, but it has it's issues.
Savvy: I love that I can stick it in my bag and I don't have to cart around my large 5 pounder.
Netbk: Seriously. So do you think it's a little slower?
Savvy: Yes, actually it's interesting that the graphics take just a little bit longer. It's like a flash.
Netbk: Yeah, I noticed that, too.
Savvy: Hey, shouldn't you be at work or something.
Netbk: Shouldn't you?
Savvy: Well, I'm working as an independent contractor, but I'm thinking about switching to running a business. I think Metro PCS would be the perfect thing to jump into. I think it's really going to take off.
Netbook: I used to do IT for a company that moved to Dallas and I thought about going, but I didn't want to leave.
Savvy: Family?
Netbk: Yes.

He got a few phone calls that had to do with business

Netbk: So, do you come to this place often?
Savvy: Actually this is a different one than I usually go to.
Netbk: Oh, well, it was really nice meeting you...
Savvy: I'm down here alot, so maybe we could hang out sometime on purpose or something...
Netbk: Yeah, let me get your number.
Savvy: Sounds good.

He called me right away so that I had his number. I had a funny feeling that maybe he liked me, but I wasn't sure. At least we could hang out, have coffee work on our netbooks.

But to be sure, remember that "saving" $100 by buying from Verizon will not benefit you in the long run. Free internet is plentiful enough in big cities that there is really no need. Even the Westfield Malls have internet.


Adam T. said...

I had a funny feeling that maybe he liked me, but I wasn't sure.


Adam T. said...

P.S. - He likes you.