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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 3 or 4 of Being Above It All--Not Sure

I'm done with dating. See, it doesn't really matter if it's day 3 or day 4, because I'm above it all and I'm going to stay there. I'm so over it all. I feel liberated. It could be something medical. It's not some stupid "I kissed dating Goodbye" thing, it's above that. It's better. It's true, practical wisdom.

It's calling things as they actually are. A man who cares about a woman wants to protect her. This is true of their friends, not just their girlfriends. If a man doesn't want to protect you or seems only to be looking out for himself, he is. You don't need a book to figure it out.

A man who cares about you doesn't call you when he's
a. catching up on things
b. in the middle of making a few phone calls.
c. say he'll call you and then forgets.
d. say he's big texter.
e. cancel a date via text.
f. Say he has to unpack when he is a MAN who was only gone for a DAY when you have a Mercedes C300.

How can I possibly care under these circumstances?
How can you?
Nope, haven't heard from the Netbook Guy.


Sarah Lynn said...

I'm done with dating, too. I get annoyed with it. When I meet the right person, it will just happen. I'm not searching anymore. Have a good weekend!

SavvyD said...

If you call it as you see it before anything happens, you weed out the bad ones. If you tell them you just want to be friends for awhile first, those who know they aren't worth anything will go away.

I wasn't looking when I met the Netbook Guy, it "just happened". Not looking isn't a magic trick, but I know how you feel. I had an interesting weekend. hehe, more later.