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Sunday, June 7, 2009

And Then He Cancelled

I was really looking forward to this date and already kind of nervous. I was about to call and ask him where we should meet and ask what to wear--something I never do, but right now I'm willing to try different things and see how they work. And then he texted.

Netbk: Hey, I came down with strep throat and fever. I better rest and I don't want to give it to you.
Savvy: Bummer! If I knew you btr I wld b taking care of you.
Netbk: Let's reschedule.

Savvy: Sure thing. I was about to call and what to wear--casual, sexy-- a little bit of both since I wasn't sure what 2 expect.
Savvy: R u going 2 b OK for the trip? Do u have work on Monday so u can rest?
Netbk: I work on Monday so no time to rest.
Savvy: (While watching Tiger Woods) Bummer, that's what today is for then. 2 bad i had a full day yesterday. At least there's sports on! Not like being sick on a weekday with boring TV.

And then there was no response. What could I possibly say? I do want to meet with him. I do want to see how it feels, but then there is a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that already doesn't feel good. Is he really sick--or is sick another word for nervous and insincere. Do I try calling him on my other phone and see if he picks up and if his voice sounds as hoarse as I would expect? Or will there be a party in the background with the music so loud I can't hear him. I'm dealing with excuses from someone I don't even know. I once told a girl who was frustrated with her boyfriend, You can deal with the same excuses from the same guy who you care about, or you can take them from a different guy every week. Your choice.

Those who have followed since the days of Bass know that I have a generally low opinion of texting. It's hard to read any sincerity. Comedian Steve Harvey has a low opinion of texting in his book, Act Like A Lady, Date Like A Man. But then you don't want to assume that someone is insincere when you don't know him. And who wants to be dramatic or untrusting? My poor parents don't understand the length and complexity of these games. I always hear, You never know, he could be telling the truth. Give him a chance. Every time , they end up mystified.

No matter what happens, it was nice to hear that he thought I was kinda sexy and said he was definitely interested.

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