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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Advice-Be-Gone, the new fragance for singles

Tired of rude comments about being single?
Sick of useless advice?
Vexed by people saying you are "too picky"?
Bothered when told you're "trying too hard"?
Annoyed by the 100th person to tell you to try some new website?
Irked when someone tells you to go to a bar and just have fun?
Irritated by someone saying to try church?
Exasperated by hearing, "It will happen when you least expect it"?

Try Advice-be-gone.
Just one spray makes your worries go away!
No more annoying advice!

Personal fragrance, room spray or diffuser.
Because your peace of mind is priceless.
Only $69.99 plus shipping and handling.
Order yours today!


Adam F said...

No matter what kind of advice you get there is only 3 types of sex humanly possible. Heterosexual sex, homosexal sex, and no sex. In general, for a heterosexual person, homosexual sex is not an option. so really you only have to choices. Even if one chooses no sex because the members in your dating pool are to selfish to realize that you can start off by just being a decent human being first.
I feel for you, dating shouldn't be this difficult for attractive inteligent women. I thought these kind of experiences were reserved for men past their prime...

SavvyD said...

OMG you make me laugh till I about cry.

SavvyD said...

From Stealthy Cat on his website:

I like it. It has a better marketing potential than “Bullshit Repellant”.

SavvyD said...

I got this comment via email from a guy who wrote a book on relationships:

I especially liked the "No More Advice Spray." Now if we only had a "No More Loneliness" spray and a "No More Bad Relationships" spray, I could go out of business!