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Monday, May 25, 2009

CHASE me away from your bank!

I'm going to boycott ChaseHave any of you ever heard of being charged for an average daily balance EVEN WHEN YOU PAY OFF YOUR FULL AMOUNT? Yes, that's right, Chase decided to charge me for using my credit card even after I paid off the balance in full. I called and talked to supervisor and she said the charges were valid.

Savvy: And you can't excuse it?
Banker: No, the charges are valid according to your agreement.
Savvy: Let me get this straight...you would rather lose my future business and have me go to other banks than waive a charge for a credit card bill that I paid off in full?
Banker: The average daily balance charges are valid.
Savvy: Not as far as I'm concerned. You have effectively Chased me away from your bank. HAHA Get it?


I'm not alone. This was written TWO YEARS AGO
You can also search the terms "boycott Chase" and please use my page. ;)


Calming Scents said...

i dont think right now banks give a rats ass about losing customers. I think they are scared, and they are being overly cautious. same as credit card companies. I walked away from Capitol One after 10 years because of some stupid crap they did also, they did not care. I will go without any credit cards if i have to, because i wont get ripped off. thing is, they are hurting mostly because of their stupid crap.

Tairebabs said...

I have never heard of such a thing before now. I only just paid off one of my credit cards with one bank. Hopefully they won't send me such a ridiculous charge.

lol @ being chased away by chase!

Adam said...

Although I haven’t had a specific problem like this, there are two reasons that credit card companies would like to get rid of customers. The first is the fact that the economy is down. Even though statistically you might only have say a 10% unemployment rate. That means anyone can be a part of that 10%. This is a result of treating people as aggregate numbers. Personal history counts for zilch; you are just a demographic to them. The other reason is the current political climate. Congress just passed the “Consumer Bill of Rights” which by my understanding states that the credit card companies cannot change our terms or limits without advanced notice. The credit card industry fought this legislation and stated that they would have to reduce the amount of credit extended to the American consumer if they would have to abide by regulations regarding the industry. I can well see that Chase is making good on the industry threat by making wholesale cuts with the unhappy customers first. I would suggest writing a letter to your congressional representative so they are aware that industry is taking retribution on the public because of the legislation.
It seems like the typical big corporation way of thinking, “They need us more than we need them…”

Anonymous said...

Savvy, I don't know about your particular situation, but I used to work for a dept. store credit dept.
Are you sure, absolutely sure, that you paid off the amount IN FULL. I mean, every single penny, because if you missed even 10 cents, then you'll get charged on the avg daily balance. Double check your statement for the amt due. Also, look to see when your payment was made. How close was it to the due date? Did you mail the payment and they possibly got it late? Credit card payments go straight to the bank, they don't stop at the store (or bank in your case), they go straight to the processing center. If it got stuck in the basket that hauls in the payment envelopes, then sadly, it's your fault that they are incompetent. Do you use Chase's free online bill pay? What day does it say the payment was made?

SavvyD said...

Anon--I suuuuuuure. Double and triple sure, which is why I was so mad. You can either believe me or believe that Chase might do such a rotten thing.

You CAN live without credit, I'm going to work on a way to do that.