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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Beverly Heathens

I was at a local cafe to hop on the internet and I started talking to a guy because he was wearing a college T-shirt from NC state and I used to go to USC--Carolina.
Visitor: It's a beautiful state isn't it?
Savvy: It is. So what bring you out here?
Visitor: Church planting.
Savvy: Really? Church planting? I went to a church out in New York where they strongly believed that someone from an actual place should be the person to start a church plant because they know whats going on.
Visitor: Well, there's something to that, but then there is something to responding to God's call.
Savvy: Yeah, but don't you have your own heathens?
Visitor: Yes.
Savvy: I mean, I lived out there, I know what goes on. Out there everybody goes, but most people don't mean it. They just go--which is kind of nice since everybody goes. It's normal. I'm just curious, what's so special about OUR heathens?
Visitor: To be honest, they're cooler.

He was joking, but California is a magnet. He's also here for Seminary--Global Leadership or something brew-ha-ha sounding. It was an interesting conversation. He, of course, invited me to his church which meets at 5pm on Sundays. Sounds like church for the young who like to party on a Saturday. I'm down with that. Here's the part where I admit that I haven't gone to church in about 4 months.

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