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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Savvy Reads Skinny Bitch and Divorces Ben & Jerry

Calling a book Skinny Bitch is a marketing ploy--pure and simple. But it does give food for thought. I've been feeling like crud lately, but maybe that's because I eat absolute crap without realizing it. (Except sometimes I know.)

When Peter had a vision that all things were acceptable to be eaten, I just don't think that the good Lord had today's practices in mind. I don't think He intended animals to be filled with antibiotics, eating pesticide laden foods to plump up and then being fed to us after going through an inhumane butchering process. I might have to start buying meat from the local university where they raised and know the animals that they butcher. That has to be better. At least they aren't being fed disgusting crap. I like meat. It tastes great, but it should be eaten in moderation. I had a lovely piece of tri-tip tonight with some rice. Delish! The Atkin's diet wreaked havoc on my dad who took eating meat to heart and then suffered gout. Not fun. Maybe I'll go vegan, I really don't know right now.

Every few years I make an attempt to stop drinking diet soda and then start again. I've been hearing from this book and other sources that it stimulates appetite. Well, that's something I don't need. I haven't had a soda today and only had one yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good.

Cupcakes were not part of the dream. Refined sugar is evil--there are sweet alternatives. Who said that sugar has to be totally white to be acceptable? Why some industry executive who thought perfectly white cake was heaven sent. Here is a link to some alternatives:
Table of Sugar Comparison
The Truth About Sugar CBS News
I bought some completely raw, unprocessed sugar and some stevia. I'll be seeing how it goes.

Buy organic. Again, all things are good to eat--but do I really want to be eating pesticide-laden food? not really. Maybe what I eat is making me sick.

Eat fruits and veggies. Duh, people, duh. It's the best way to get vitamins and minerals. But if you really want to throw money away on diet pills and other crap, go ahead and knock yourself out.

I'm no angel. I love to eat crap. I love ice cream. Ben and Jerry are my constant companions. We're breaking up. Think about it, milk comes from a mommy cow and makes a 100 lb calf gain weight and grow into a 2000 lb animal. Got milk? No wonder we're fat!!

Granted, it makes sense to drink milk when you have a small family farm or back in the day when all you had was a couple of cows, some chickens and a few goats. It was important to find ways of feeding a family and preserve foods (cheese, canning, etc.) so that they lasted. But we are the victims of our own success as a society. Obesity is a sign of wealth. So is a gym membership and I'm going to go use mine, ASAP.

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