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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Savvy Mothering

Ever heard an annoyed parent in a restaurant? Oh lordy how it goes on.
Child: I want chocolate.
Mommy: They only have vanilla.
Child: But I KNOW they have chocolate.
Mommy: I swear you are on my nerves!

Mom is annoyed, harried and frustrated. She sits in a huff and takes a lick off the vanilla cone and hands it to the child. The child runs to hide behind a sign, but comes out soon after. They sit at a table near me. Savvy to the rescue.

Savvy: Actually, they don't have chocolate.
Child: Yes, they do.
Savvy: Well, since you don't want the vanilla, how about you give it to me?
I wink at mom.
Child: Vanilla's not so bad.
Savvy: It's better than nothing. But you said you didn't want it, so I can take it from you.
Child: I like vanilla.

Mom starts to smile
Savvy: Darn, I was really hoping to get that cone. You have to be good now, mommy said you're on her last nerve and that's not a very good place to be.
He starts to enjoy the cone. Mom relaxes. Savvy is the savior.

Savvy: He's so cute.
Mommy: Thanks.
Savvy: Have you ever seen Jimmy Kimmel Live? he has these segments where he has kids on there and he has them try foods like jelly beans, only he puts them in pinto beans or he puts broccoli in their cereal to see how they react. You would put him on there.
Mommy: That's funny.

The kid is practically singing as he happily licks his cone.
Savvy: Are you sure about the cone?
Child: Yes. I like vanilla.
Mommy: Have a great day.
Savvy: You too.

Either I'd be an awesome mom or a slightly psychotic one, but I swear they both felt better when I was done with them.


Ame said...

you have no idea how helpful this is to a mom! i tell you, our kids know us better than ANYONE else, and they know ALL our buttons to push ... and they push them ONLY about a gajillion times a day times about ten. and sometimes, we got a bad night's sleep, and we started our period, and the dog pooped in the house, and the baby got a fever, and we're just DONE IN!

so, on behalf of the mom ... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

SavvyD said...

Thanks Ame!!!! And thanks for reading. :)

Tairebabs said...

My best friend had a baby in January and gosh it hasn't been easy on her especially in public when the baby wants what she wants!!! I usually feel so sorry for her, can't wait till the baby can understand English perfectly...then I can try some brain work on her.

SavvyD said...

Tairebabs--some women would take crying over the talking that these kids get into. There comes a time when they talk so much that they don't even know what they are saying!! I know this well even though I don't have my own yet!