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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Man and the Automobile

I was sitting across from a French guy for drinks and dinner. We talked about a wide variety of topics. We waxed rhapsodic about the wine, the gazpacho at Le Pain Quotidien and a movie he said nobody else seemed to have ever seen but me. I talked about my burgeoning career as a mystery shopper--in particular the auto shops.

He told me about the cowboy bar he has in Idaho, his small ranch, the horses he used to ride. But cars? that was a sore spot. I can't understand why when men have bragged about their automobiles for 100 years.

French: When I first got here, the company gave me a Toyota Avalon and alot of women didn't like it. I thought, come on, don't you want someone to share your time with? I mean I wonder how some of these women would react if I went to get them in my pickup truck.
Savvy: Is it a king cab?
French: Yes, of course.
Savvy: That's the only way to ride.
French: Now I have an Audi.
Savvy: Really? What model?
French: An A6
Savvy: Ahhh, the A6. That's a man car. I love Audi. In fact I love Audi so much that I dated an Audi salesperson for awhile.

For some reason cars are a sore spot for guys since some women only date men that drive certain cars.
French: I wonder why women are like that.
Savvy: I don't know. I didn't do that to you.
French: True. You waited to ask me.

This begged the question, when did I ask him? I told Swing about it.
Savvy: I left the guy a message. I'm trying to rack my brain to figure out when I asked you about the car, but you volunteered that you own an Audi. I asked what model. In any case, it's too bad that pickup is in Idaho.
Swing: Wait, so he told you about owning horses, owning property and a cowboy bar in Idaho, wanting to buy another house out here. There's only one reason why he did that.
Savvy: What reason?
Swing: He wanted you to know.
Savvy: Hehe. Whatever. You're totally right.


Adam F said...

Hi Savvy,
Great post. It is funny how some guys define themselves by their cars. Remember smile and look like your interested...Don't laugh at them, the male ego is a fragile thing. :)

SavvyD said...

Oh Adam, I know. I thought we had a great time. He just didn't like me like that. But he sure did want to brag about all of that stuff he has.

PS Don't be upset because I expected you to be driving a Mustang and you drive a Prius. Hybrids are sexy, it just didn't seem like you. ;)

Adam F said...

Actually, I used to drive a Ford Explorer. I miss my SUV, but the hybrid is more practical since I travle a lot seeing customer all over LA and OC and sometimes as far south as San Diego.