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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Very Personal Banking

I was waiting to meet with an investment banker when my heart skipped a beat. I hoped it was the man I had just seen. Tall, dark, handsome, blue eyes, a mustache, Czech. It was love on a mystery shop! I struggled to listen. We had better chemistry than some dates I had been on. My eyes batted without my consent. I tried not to look at him, because when I did, I felt intense heat creeping across my cheeks. Was he trying not to look at me too?

I tried not to think how it would feel for him to kiss me with that mustache. I tried to think about investments. It was difficult. If you can keep up with what they are saying it's not so bad to mystery shop the,. If the banker is very good looking, it makes it easier. Except when he is so good looking to you that you can't look at him. I've always had a thing for Czech guys every since junior high when a guy named Jeff was really mean to me in science class. I had a huge crush on him. Blond hair, blue eye, hair parted in the middle, totally preppy, Czech.

Somehow the subject of how great his bank was came up.
Czech: Other banks charge you ATM fees, we don't.
Savvy: Really? Cause I actually got charged $3 to use the ATM last week. It was an emergency and I had to get the money out anyway. (It was a mystery shop where I had to pay $200 in cash.)
Czech: Wow. $3. That's alot.
Savvy: I know. You owe me $3.

We both smiled and laughed; then it was back to business. Sort of.

Czech: I have to ask you some questions to get a better picture of your financial situation. Is that OK with you?
Savvy: Yes. (He asked name, occupation, etc.)
Czech: Are you married?
Savvy: No, though I've had lots of really bad dates. (fishing.)
Czech: I know what you mean. You wonder if it's going to end.
Savvy: So true. (Be still my heart.)
Czech: Is there a polite way to end things after half an hour?
Savvy: I'm still trying to figure that out. (No mention of a girlfriend.)

Somehow it came up that we both love choral music, agree that the arts are and expression of God's gifts, Subway, the same flavor of Ben & Jerry's and agree that Obama doesn't float our boats. I was supposed to use a fictitious name and I gave him my real name. I couldn't bear the thought of lying to him because I wanted to see him again. And mystery shopping is sort of lying to people. In the business we call it "enacting a scenario." I played with the tassel on my purse because I was so conflicted.

Savvy: So, what are we going to do about that $3?
Czech: Well, maybe when you come back for another appointment, I'll see about having some ice cream for you since I owe you $3.

The real question, is:
How do I get to finding out if he was just greasing the wheels on a professional level or if he might have been actually interested?

I have nothing to lose. Maybe I should call. I'm nervous. Here's what I'm hoping for:
Savvy: I think we were discussing the wrong investments.
Czech: Why do you say that?
Savvy: I ... well... found myself wondering what would happen if we took that $3 and invested it in Subway or Ben & Jerry's. Who knows what that investment could turn into.
Czech: It's not an FDIC insured product...
Savvy: It could lose it's value in the current volatile market.
Czech: True.
Savvy: Ummm...I'm really not sure what direction to take....perhaps you can call me...personally...later...so we can discuss it freely.
Czech: Yes...

Here's hoping the Czech is worth checking out.

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