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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Unusual Investment

I'm proud of myself because I finally got through today after a lukewarm attempt on Thursday. I think I was a bit too obtuse.
Savvy: Hi Czech, it's Savvy.
Czech: Hey.
Savvy: Umm...I heard about an non-bank investment and I wanted to get your opinion on it.
Czech: Cool. I'm with someone right now. But anything you need, I'll help you with.
Savvy: Yes, they told me...so...
Czech: Let me get your number again and I'll call you back.

He didn't call back. Not even professionally. Darn. It was just nice to hear, anything you need, I'll help you with. Of course I dissected that with a Mike who told me it doesn't really mean anything and he doesn't really know.
Mike: I think I should go for it. You really have nothing to lose.

So today, I took that leap.
Savvy: Hey, remember me? The teacher?
Czech: Yes, the singer.
Savvy: Um, well, I was calling about that investment I mentioned.
Czech: Oh, yes.
Savvy: I was thinking about that 3 dollars we were saying you owe me and I think you should invest it in getting some Ben & Jerry's with me.
Czech: Oh! Hehe. That sounds very tempting.
Savvy: That was the non-bank investment I was calling about. I figure if it doesn't work out, you could politely excuse yourself after half an hour like we were talking about before.
Czech: I'm with someone right now. Can I get your home or cell phone number so I can call you back about that?
Savvy: Sure thing.

He was, at least, flattered. I called Mike right after to tell him the news.
Mike: Just don't let your emotions get too involved. He said it was tempting, he may have a girlfriend. I just hope for your sake he's unattached. But you put the ball in his court.
Savvy: But are you proud of me?
Mike: Yes, I am. It's a big step out of your comfort zone.
Savvy: Unfortunately, now this offer has an expiration date.
Mike: You should give him a week to think about it.
Savvy: Um, OK. After all, it took me about a week to work up the courage.

A dude cashier at Vitamin City said it was a great story.

He didn't call this evening, but I was happy and I'm still smiling when I think about it.

In showbiz terms, I know I had a great audition--even if I don't get the part.

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Anonymous said...

Darn!!! Still no word on the third day after finally working up the courage to actually say something!!!!