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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pick A Winner

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
When you buy a lemon of a car, there are laws to protect the consumer.
If you pick a lemon of a guy, RUN! For some reason, we take the lemons too personally. Picking a relationship is like picking fruit. You have to make sure you aren't getting bad ones.

Picking a relationship is like picking through fruit at the supermarket. I don't know about you, but I scrutinize that fruit before I take it home. Is it ripe? Does it look good? Is it on sale? If the fruit is bad, we don't blame ourselves. We just think we should have picked better.

My guy friends are giving me advice lately that amounts to a mound of horse puckey. One told me to just use men like men use women---do it to them first. I tried, but it made me ill. It was like trying to eat around large, slimy bruises in a banana. They tell me that happy people are more attractive. Yes, it's true, they are. It means that they may attract quantity, but not necessarily quality. Just remember, all kinds of pests like fruit and try to take a few nibbles, too.

If you find a worm, you throw it out. You don't berate yourself and think you should have been happier when you picked that fruit, worn a nicer outfit, etc. We think the most ridiculous things about ourselves. If only I were prettier, happier, more spiritual, more _________________, there wouldn't have been, a worm, a mass of fruit flies, bruises, mold, dry spots, deformities or it wouldn't have dried out.

Those things were there long before you got there, sweetie.

Pick better. Only take the good fruit.

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